I Bought the Sun for a Dollar

Do you believe in outside influences?

You’re probably familiar with the concept of six degrees of separation, whereby you and everyone on the planet can be connected through a chain of no more than five intermediaries. This small world theory has been considered for almost ninety years and like all theories it may not yet be proven. Still, connections, whether remote or in our faces may impact us more than we can ever realize.

My idea for I Bought the Sun for a Dollar centers around the universe and how it twirls and spirals all around us, far away and sometimes close, allowing objects such as the planets and even our precious sun to at one time or another, impact our emotions, feelings or thoughts through connectivity. We have all felt the sun’s rays but most have never maybe even seen Jupiter through a telescope let alone pondered it. That doesn’t matter. The universe’s effect upon all of us may be unconscious for the most part. And just like the tug of the moon on a tide, we are unwittingly moved by astral bodies just as much as we may be from a not so pleasant conversation with a motorist or a heavenly encounter with a beautiful ‘human’ body. Near or far, short or long, there is impact.

Quantum entanglement is a theory that helps to prove this idea whereby two objects may be in the same place at the same time, even though separated by great distances. This idea posited by Einstein is considered even more valid today as theoretical physicists test particles by separating them and discovering there could be communication via some as yet explained means at light speed. Does everything in effect communicate, and if so, does this communication set an outcome for good or bad?

It is believed that plants possess a form of communication and taking that idea farther, maybe the planet itself communicates with the universe in a language to be named later.

Just as intriguing is that astrology may be more valid than some think as the position of the planets could have an impact upon yourself and your actions. If so, our actions may be always influenced. But I’d like to think we hold some percentage of control regarding our final actions and choices.

I invite you to see how Timothy Ray handles his newfound discovery…

Timothy Ray’s home is first invaded by burglars and then by a spy in a lover’s guise in I BOUGHT THE SUN FOR A DOLLAR, a romantic suspense novel.

Can anyone actually buy peace or happiness? Perplexed by the loss of job and fiancé, Timothy Ray makes a symbolic purchase of the sun for a dollar to try to right things in his slightly off course career trajectory. When he stumbles upon a brilliant, cascading sunrise and then a chance meeting with a statuesque blonde he feels his life is about to change for the better but his new girlfriend is a spy, working for a contracted data mining firm.

Undaunted and unaware that Lou Ann is actually Kate, Timothy continues to encourage people via social media to experience how energy is shared between us and the cosmos. Kate and her employer fear Timothy’s hope will threaten the leadership’s status quo. The firm incrementally steps up its spy game and seems to have no remorse about putting Timothy at risk of ridicule and perhaps worse. But Timothy’s biggest threat may come from the very source of his inspiration, the sun itself. Will he be able to save all from a cosmic catastrophe?

Timothy Ray stumbles across a brilliant cascading sunrise that changes him profoundly. His symbolic purchase of the sun for a dollar, leads to huge social media following and a new girlfriend who is a spy out to discredit him, or worse... But Timothy’s biggest threat may come from the very source of his inspiration, the sun itself. Will he be able to save all from a cosmic catastrophe?

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I Bought the Sun for a Dollar
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