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How to Stop Smoking in 7 Days

Yes, I Said 7 days...

Stub it out for good.

Ok, you already know the health risks associated with smoking. Even my six-year-old knows it's bad for you; you definitely should. So I am not going to lecture you about the risks, that's why there are loads of Government funded campaigns! I will say this: it really isn't difficult to stop smoking. I say "stop" rather than "give up" for a reason. "Give up" means you might not really want to stop. And you do, don't you?

1. Work out why you want to stop.

Is it the cost? You've noticed your health has gotten worse? You don't want the kids to see you smoking, or start themselves? Realised you, your clothes, and your home stink? Whatever your reason for stopping, that is your motivation to stay stopped, for good. Keep that thought in your mind.

2. Don't be afraid of NRT.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy is usually just as expensive as your average pack of 20, but it won't have all the other junk (you know, like formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and arsenic. Eww). Better already. Check the healthcare provision in your area, as some can even give you NRT for free! Ask the receptionist at your GP Surgery.

3. Other Ways

Don't feel bad about using vapes or e-cigarettes– in fact, I strongly encourage using them! Like my previous point, yes they still contain the addictive part - nicotine - but without the stuff that, you know, causes cancer.

4. Routine

So many methods suggest to majorly change your routine or socialise with non-smoking friends. I will admit, without smoking, I wouldn't leave the building I work in all day. I also wouldn't enjoy my weekly coffee date with a mate to put the world to rights. So don't stress about making drastic changes to your routine (or your friend circle). Just swap to a vape or e-cigarette in those situations.

5. Tell the world your goal.

Or don't, it's up to you. Don't tell the world you are stopping smoking if you don't want to, it will just put pressure on you to live up to other's expectations of how long the process should take. Everyone will start telling you how their cousin, "Just decided to stop one day," and hasn't touched one since. Or the bloke down the road who has stopped so many times he's given up stopping. Everyone is different, what didn't work for them might work for you!

6. Get Saving!

When you run out of cigarettes or tobacco, just don't buy anymore. Get on that NRT or vape/e-cigarette. Save the money, you will easily have enough pretty soon for at least a weekend away. Or use the money to buy a treat for yourself– I got my nails done to get rid of the yellow staining!

You don't need to make any drastic changes to your routine, meaning you can do this process in a week, honestly. When you get those cravings or are so stressed out you need one, use your e-cigarette or vape, that's what it's there for. That need will lessen to the point when you will find your e-cigarette in your handbag or desk drawer, and really have to think... when did I last use this?

PS: In the UK, the NHS has information on stopping if you need more help.

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How to Stop Smoking in 7 Days
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