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How to Stay Organized as a Personal Trainer

Some tips to help you stay organized when living the busy life of a personal trainer.

There is a new wave of fitness and health hitting the United States of America. Our media and culture value thin torsos, strong legs, and chins with only one chin. Healthy fast food options have become more readily available in recent years, and plenty of companies will deliver ready-to-make healthy dinners right to your doorstep. There have never been so many healthy options during the last few decades. This is great for personal trainers and those who work in the health and fitness industry.

For those who work in the industry, there is a problem that comes with this new emphasis on health—organizing your schedule and your life. While it’s a great problem to have, it’s a problem nonetheless. Problems lead to dysfunction, and dysfunction leads to loss of clientele, stress, and general unhappiness. Here are a few things that I have found to work really well for personal trainers when they are trying to keep everything organized and their clients happy.


Your schedule is the most important thing. Writing your appointments out is the first step. The second step is sticking to what you have written down. Clients make appointments for the times in which they will be available. Starting late and staying late on your appointment times is an inconvenience for you and for your client. Mistakes like this can cost you clients, which means it will also cost you money. Writing down your schedule and planning it out in your phone will ensure you don't make this mistake. If you often forget the times of your appointments, you can set reminders on your phone so that it vibrates or makes noise when it’s time to start and time to end. You can even set reminders for when you need to leave your home in order to make the next appointment on time. Your business depends on you having and sticking to a schedule. So, keep your clients happy and keep yourself paid.


Staying organized is essential for any successful business. There are different ways to organize your client info. You can put all their info in files on a simple CRM and alphabetize them. Alphabetizing works sometimes and not other times because of people with the same or similar names. If you have a lot of clientele, you can organize your clients by the kind of contract they signed and how much they paid. You need to find what works best for you, and allows you to find the right info the quickest. Play around with different techniques until you find one you most prefer.

Some people organize based on the client. Certain clients book a certain time for their sessions. You can organize based on this, for example, put morning appointments in one file. There is also contract management software you can download to do this stuff for you. Downloading this software will cost money, but it takes the pressure off of you. Instead of doing all of this yourself, you enter the information, and it is all done for you. You don't have to do everything by hand nowadays with the technology we have. If it works for you, then keep doing it. It costs money, but this would be a smart investment in your business. If your not into technology holding all you business info, then keep it old fashion and write everything down.


Personal trainers are running a business at the end of the day. These are systems and tools used by all successful businesses. Without a system in place, there would be nothing but confusion and clutter. Mistakes would begin to happen, and you would start to lose clients. Keep your business professional and organized with these steps. Keeping up with all of your clients is a lot of work, but you need them just as much as they need you. The steps are laid out for you. All you have to do is follow them. Work smarter, not harder!

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How to Stay Organized as a Personal Trainer
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