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How to: Stay Healthy on a Daily Basis

How to stay healthy everyday, even when surrounded by distractions.

So for this blog I wanted to give some of my tips on how to keep fit and stay healthy on a day-to-day basis. 

We all know how hard it can be to stay on track with our health goals when surrounded by work, children and a busy social life. With consistency being a great problem, many people opt for buying lunches, eating out or even binging after a long day at work. These are not only bad for our bodies but affect us in more ways than one.

As a second-year University student, I've dealt with many things... the sleepless nights, long work days as well as keeping social by going to lots of events. Nevertheless, my health is important to me and I've managed to maintain and even improve my health over the past few years; despite the daily challenges facing me.

Step 1: Always Be Prepared

To maintain a good health, it's always important to be prepared. By this I mean: pack your own lunches (this way you have control over what you're eating), prepare yourself for potential situations (if you have to pick your children up and know you'll arrive too late and tired to cook, make the meal the day before and reheat), as well as researching to find out what new healthy recipes you can try, fitness programs you might find fun as well as learning about what goes into the products you currently eat.


Planning and preparing a meal carefully can lead to healthier decisions when it comes to what we eat

Step 2: If it's not there, you can't eat it.

I know too many people who arrive at University, and overwhelmed by the freedom to buy whatever they desire, and overeat. This is a simple rule; if you don't have it in the house, you simply can't eat and binge on it. Therefore if you know your weakness are those chocolate biscuits, skip them the next time you go shopping and buy something more nutritious such as apples. Soon you'll find you'll be reaching for something else such as fruit, instead of the sugary foods you are used to eating as the foods you crave simply aren't at hand.

Step 3: Consistency is Key

Having a balanced and healthy lifestyle which is maintainable on a daily basis is so important. It's no use trying a military diet for example, losing 10 lbs in one week, if the next week you'll just put it on due to cravings. It's important to eat the things that you genuinely love, however all within reason. Deprivation is important to avoid, or it may actually intensify cravings. So eating roughly the same number of calories every day and exercising two to three times a week is always a good plan, and will keep your energy levels consistent too! 

Being Consistent

Having a consistant routine is essential to form good habits

Step 4: Take Advantage of Technology

There are so many fitness and healthy-living apps nowadays that there's no excuse to not keeping fit. One of my favourite exercise apps is called '7 Minutes' and is great for those short on time. It develops an overall body toning routine which takes just seven minutes of your time and is enough to get you sweating. Another app for runners or cyclists is 'Strava.' This tracks data such as distance covered, calories burnt and allows you to see how your friends have been getting on too. As well as this there are many recipe apps which are quick to use and use the ingredients you have in your kitchen, so get downloading- what are you waiting for?

Discovering Apps

Get tech-savvy and try out fitness and recipe apps for on the go motivation

I've still got some more tips so let me know if you'd like to hear them and I'll write about them. Hopefully, these can help you to live a healthy lifestyle, no matter what situation or life you lead.

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How to: Stay Healthy on a Daily Basis
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