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How To Start Parkour and Freerunning

Basics to Advanced

Parkour and freerunning is a very unique and different sport. All there is to it is your human body. It's fun, crazy, adventurous, and extremely indescribable. I often get asked this question, "How could I start parkour and freerunning?" Many people would send me their age, size, height, and weight and it goes on. The simple answer is to just start. Parkour and freerunning is a worldwide sport, many people around the world train in this specific sport just like any other. The thing that makes oarkour/freerunning so different is the mentality every athlete has. Being a freerunner myself, it wasn't so difficult to get started, meeting other freerunners. I really wanted to learn what they were doing, I then went up to another freerunner and simply asked, "Ah hey, could you teach..." Before I could finish my sentence, he said right away, "I would love to teach you everything I know!" This sport is so open and positive it's just... so good, the feeling is so indescribable. I then thought it was just that one guy that was being genuinely nice, but that's the majority of the parkour/freerunning community. Many people don't have local freerunners that they could meet or train with, others can't afford to pay for classes to be taught. If you're that person, this link will have a playlist of 70 tutorials teaching you from the basics to advanced movements.

Jesse La Flair's 70 Tutorials of Parkour/Freerunning Video Playlist

The Knowledge Behind the Sport

That playlist is open to anyone, the community greatly appreciates this playlist, and it has helped over 500,000 people in the community. Now that the tools are there to get started, what else is needed is the knowledge behind the sport. David Belle is the known to be the founder of parkour/freerunning. He has starred in several different movies such as Brick Mansions and more. Parkour is getting from point "A" to point "B" in the quickest most efficient way possible. Freerunning is using your own creativity and uniqueness to create your own style. That's what makes a freerunner a freerunner; because we all have our own unique styles that shows who we are. One thing freerunners come across a lot is fear, and self confidence. Many people are afraid of what people see or think of them while they're training, and some may be afraid of messing up or getting hurt. But you have to be okay with messing up honestly, if you don't mess up you won't learn much, you have to mess up to get taught a lesson. Great freerunners failed an extreme amount of times before they became great at the sport. Lots of people look at freerunners and the first thing that comes to their mind is people jumping from building to building. They look at them like, "Why'd they do that, they must be stupid," not knowing that there is much more to it than just someone going onto a building and jumping to another. Those people jumping from building to building are the people that are at their highest stage of parkour, they have been mentally preparing themselves for those jump and physically preparing themselves. Practicing the same distance over and over on ground with that self confidence and a bit of encouragement is what gives freerunners the ability to jump from building to building. It's not stupidity, it's the knowledge behind the jumps, which is what a lot of people do not fully understand until it's completely explained.

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How To Start Parkour and Freerunning
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