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How to Kick Stress

Stressing out will soon become a thing of the past.

There are many ways to kick stress. However, many of us don't think about stress relief methods in the midst of our drama, now do we? If anything, most of us just brace for impact and wait 'til we're flipping out to actually admit that we are in fact stressed the ** out. I struggle with stress sometimes, so I know how it can be. Which is why I am sharing my tips to kick stress.

First, we must identify what causes us to be stressed. Is it our job? Kids? Family/Friends? Dating? Are we not doing enough of something we love? There's got to be some type of answers here... 

So, we ask ourselves, what is stress and how does it affect us? Stress is defined as something that we allow to make us feel uneasy. We believe these stresses are important to us. We spend countless hours letting something irrelevant make us want to pull our hair out. Why? Because we don't have effective ways to cope with stress. Stress can cause major health issues. It affects our mood, behavior, and self-esteem. Now that we know what stress is and how it affects us, we can take a look at ways to rid yourself of stress.

Here are 6 things you can do to reduce stress:

Going to the Beach!

The beach or someplace near water always soothes me. You can go there when you feel you'll have peace and quiet to just watch and listen to the waves and nature around you. You can also get a natural tan there and just hope no random beach balls fly your way. Whatever you do at the beach, enjoy yourself and take in the scenery, along with the meditative feel that the warm sand gives your little hush puppies down there.

Doing Yoga or Meditation!

You know what they say! To be great is to meditate... (actually that's not what they say but we will go with it.) Yoga is a form of meditation with ample deep breathing and relaxation. Yoga stretches your body while strengthening your body. If you're going to try yoga or meditation, they have lots of guided yoga/meditation videos out there. Check them out, you'd be surprised at how much stress will disappear while you partake in the practice.

Change things up!

You can change things up by going on more outings with the people you love or change your job, relationship, move to a new place, travel, or find a new hobby. This step may not be so easy, but you can always just take more time to yourself throughout the month to travel and get a break from everyday life. Just be strong in whatever you decide. 


This may be the most dreadful way to kick stress if you're not big on working out but trust me it helps a lot. Besides, working out and being sore gives you more ways to pamper yourself. I personally prefer jogging in nature. The natural sounds really help me to relax. Cardio gets the heart pumping and you'll be so focused on the workout, you'll forget anything that was stressing you out. However, you should try any exercise you feel you will enjoy.

Remove clutter!

For this step, you are only required to blast music, sing, dance, and clean up clutter and dirt. Throw out old clothes, shoes, rags, towels, and papers. Open up windows and let the breeze flow into your home. Redecorate! Light candles and just transform your space into something new, fresh, and clean. A clean space will change the way certain areas feel. In return, it enhances your mood.

Have a healthy breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Incorporate fruits and vegetables into your breakfast. Eating healthy in the morning before major activities is proven to better your mood, while giving you lots of energy. Say if you loved omelets or pancakes... you can add fruit to the pancakes and vegetables to your omelet. Also adding nuts on the side will add energy to your body. A healthy breakfast will ensure that you're ready for whatever comes your way!

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you to better manage your stress! Have fun kicking stress in the **!

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How to Kick Stress
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