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How to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

Try to get rid of lower belly fat can be tough, but with these helpful suggestions, we've got you covered. Check out the best tips and tricks below.

The lower abdomen is a tricky area. Many people develop a belly pooch in this area that is hard to get rid of. While we want to spot reduce our problem areas of the body, in order to get rid of lower belly fat, it takes a combination of ab exercises, overall strength training, and healthy eating to burn fat and ultimately feel our best. Weight loss on a larger scale is what will help reduce lower belly fat and make the abdominal muscles pop. Here are some tips for body fat reduction, diet control, and exercise suggestions that can get you moving in the right direction. 

Reduce your overall caloric intake.

The most effective way to get rid of lower belly fat is to reduce your overall caloric intake. Burning fat requires overall weight loss in the body. The only way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories through healthy eating and burn fat through exercise. You need to consume fewer calories than you burn to get your body into a caloric deficit. This will allow your abdominal muscles to show and your belly pooch to disappear. It is impossible to spot reduce, but with overall body fat loss, you can reduce lower belly fat as well. There are even meal portion control tips to help you reduce the amount you eat overall.

Increase protein and fiber.

When considering your diet and reducing your caloric intake to get rid of lower belly fat, try increasing your daily protein and fiber intake. Both protein and fiber support healthy eating habits and will keep you feeling full for longer periods of time. Protein helps increase muscle growth as well, so if you want to see your abdominal muscles get more toned and both your upper body and lower body get stronger, then protein will help you achieve your goals. Fiber helps the body with digestion, which makes it an excellent addition to any healthy diet. Fiber will keep your stomach flatter and promote body fat reduction over time. 

Limit carbohydrates and sugars.

By limiting your intake of carbohydrates and sugars, your body will have to use more stored energy and protein to burn fat and train hard. While carbs are essential to keep your body going, bad carbs such as white bread and other simple grains are digested in the body as sugar. They are not helpful when you are trying to reduce your lower belly fat. Stick to healthy eating and intense ab exercises in order to lose belly fat fast and increase your weight loss goals. 

Increase your water intake.

It is recommended that everyone should drink half their body weight in ounces of water each day. By staying hydrated, you can more easily reduce belly fat, because hydration keeps your body energized, free of toxins, on a regular digestion cycle, and keeps your metabolism on track. Your abdominal muscles with thank you if you keep your body hydrated, because when doing ab exercises and cardio, they will be able to work their hardest to burn fat. Plus, in general, drinking water is one of the few free things you can do to be happier and healthier overall.

Do more cardio.

Cardio is the most effective way to burn calories. If you are trying to get rid of lower belly fat, you have to burn fat throughout the entire body and focus on overall weight loss. Cardio will be the essential ingredient in helping your body shed that body fat and feel lighter and leaner. Whether you choose to run outside, bike, swim, do the stair stepper, or some other form of cardio, find a way to get your heart pumping and sweat it out. Your body and your abdominal muscles will thank you later. 

High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training is an extremely effective method. This form of exercise combines strength training and cardio to burn calories extremely fast and tone the entire body. High intensity interval training is also referred to as HIIT and it includes burst of hard workouts mixed with rest periods. This type of training can include ab workouts, as well as upper body workouts to give your body a fully toned look. HIIT will help your get rid of stomach fat for the summer.

Lower Ab Exercises

While focusing on overall body fat loss is the key way to get rid of lower belly fat, using lower ab exercises to tone the abdominal muscles is also essential. Some great lower ab exercises include leg lifts, where the leg extends out straight in front of you while you lie on the floor. When you lift your legs off the ground and keep them raised, your lower abs stay flexed, which gives them a great workout. It is important to keep your legs straight when doing this exercise to get the best results.

Another great lower ab exercise can be done with a kettle bell, where your starting position is holding the kettle bell, knees bent, in a squat position. You then stand up and swing the kettle bell out in front of you, which flexes the entire abdominal region. These kettle bell swings can be done in sets to get a great burn in the abs!

Get more sleep.

Probably the easiest tip to include in your strategy is to get more sleep. When you sleep more, your body is able to function better when it is awake. Also, if you sleep more, you will have less time during the day to consume calories and put on belly fat. It’s a win-win situation. Without enough sleep, your body’s metabolism will be thrown off and your body may actually put belly fat on as a result. Make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night to stay healthy. 

Practice yoga or pilates.

Yoga and Pilates are both great exercises for toning the body and for improving the body’s posture. When you have better posture, you will automatically look like you have less belly fat. Toning the ab muscles will also help you get rid of lower belly fat. Try incorporating yoga or Pilates into your weekly routine and watch how beneficial it can be. 

Take a CLA supplement.

Lastly, if you are trying to reduce belly fat, you can try taking a daily CLA supplement. CLA is a natural fatty acid just like fish oil. However, some research shows that CLA can be helpful in reducing fat in the body and increasing lean muscle mass. While this data is not 100% widely studied, there are smal trials that show promise. It definitely can’t hurt to give it a shot!

To get rid of lower belly fat, you must incorporate both diet and exercise into your daily routine. Try some of these tips and you’ll be on the path to a flatter stomach and a healthier lifestyle in no time. 

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