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How to Get Abs/In Shape

How I Made It This Far

some types of abs

So I am 14 and so far I have a two pack of abs. I have been working out for six months. I will tell you how I got this far. I kept my same weight, which is 98-100 pounds. You can still get in shape while gaining weight. I lost six percent body fat throughout these months.

What I Eat

For the thirst three months, I think I just ate regularly and ate whatever I wanted. Then I started drinking protein drinks every day. I like to use milk instead of water and vanilla protein drinks that are made up of whey since it tastes better. I drink these every morning and sometimes I get sick of it so I add ingredients or eat something else like avocado toast or bacon and eggs. I started eating about a cup of salted edamame or salted cucumbers each day. This is good since I don't really like vegetables. For lunch, I have a mix of things, but I always have those vegetables. Recently, I had three-fourths cup pasta on a rice cake with vegetables on the side. Today I had two rice cakes with half an avocado in total and two sunny side eggs. Sometimes I put protein butter on. I will do a post of some of these recipes. Every morning I drink two cups of water. When I exercise I drink another two. I try my best to drink eight cups a day. I also tried to drink a cup a green tea in the morning. At first it tastes bad, but I have gotten used to it. If I want soda I drink diet soda and I make myself drink at least four cups of water sometimes beforehand. As a snack I eat rice cakes, which you can get in different flavors. You can eat cheese and crackers or anything that is good but not too unhealthy. I have a sweet tooth, but I discovered Halo Top. It has less than half the calories of regular ice cream and more protein, less sugar, and it is healthier. I like the cookie dough flavor and red velvet. I also discovered someone on Instagram and I have been using his dessert recipes which are healthy. I will post them in a different post. Now on to exercising.

My Workouts

So when I first started I used the app, Instant Abs, I first did the workouts that didn't cost money. Three months later, I used their programs which cost $4.99. Let me tell you that it is worth it. Throughout each program, you have either three or four fit tests. The test is to see how well you do the exercises. It can either be five or ten exercises depending on your experience. I do this almost every day. Usually, I do them seven days a week and it takes 20-30 minutes each time. You get 20-30 second breaks between exercises. I have been using the program for a few months and I used at least three other programs as well. In the past two months, I have gotten a two pack, which is the upper half abs. These exercises also workout your arms and legs. I also just started Alexis Ren's ten-minute ab workout which is really intense without breaks and it burns a lot of calories. When you search it up on the Apple app store, Instant Abs is the first app that shows up. The logo has four squares of orange, there are two different colors of orange, and a figure on it doing a sit up. Now I have a body fat percentage of 17.2. Using the one which has measurements of your waist, neck, forearm, and others are more accurate than using the BMI calculator to figure out your body fat percentage.

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How to Get Abs/In Shape
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