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How to Get a Bigger Booty

Because let's be honest, we want one.

Before you read this, just know it's gonna take a lot of hard work so you really need to want this.

Now there are two NATURAL ways to get a bigger booty. For starters, you could gain weight, but you will gain weight everywhere, not just your booty; or you could exercise, which would make your glutes larger, BUT the best way is to do both of these!

Gaining Weight

Here are some tips on gaining weight...

  1. Apetamin: A weight gain syrup that helps you gain weight fast! But that being said, you have to be very safe with this because the results will make your booty bigger, but it will also make everything bigger, so if you are okay with some belly fat then go ahead buy some. Apetamin retails for $24.99 on their website, but before taking Apetamin make sure to do more research.
  2. Eat high protein foods. Eating foods high in protein is good for you and will also help you get a fat booty. Some foods high in protein include seafood, dairy, soy, beans, lean beef, eggs, and the list goes on. So include protein in every meal.
  3. Eat 2,400 calories or more. The more you eat, the more weight you will gain. If you don't eat enough then you won't gain any weight. It's that simple. There are many apps out there that will not only track your calories, but will also tell you how much you have to eat in order to reach your goal.
  4. Eat right before you go to bed. Have dinner right before you go to bed. Yes, this is unhealthy to do, but it will help you gain weight because your body hasn't properly digested dinner.


Here are some tips on exercising for a bigger booty...

  1. Do more then squats. Doing just squats will help build glutes, but doing a collection of butt workouts is the best way to go. I personally do Alexis Ren's 10 minute "Beach Booty Workout," but there are many videos out there on YouTube.
  2. Do squats properly. Many women say that they do 500 squats per day and nothing has been happening. That is probably because they aren't doing them correctly. For starters, go down slowly so you really feel the pressure. Secondly, go down far enough that it looks like your sitting on a invisible chair, and if you really wanna challenge yourself then stay in that position for three to five seconds.

Disclaimer: I am not a personal trainer. These are just the tips I have learned from my own experience, and I really believe in them, so I really hope these work for you guys to!

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How to Get a Bigger Booty
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