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How Qigong Helped Me in the Past

I would like to learn more.

I learned about Chow Qigong from Dr. Chow herself as I ran into a flier at San Francisco State on campus. Qigong is about having an energy system in the body flowing from one meridian to the next like ley lines on our planet. The Qi or Chi inside the body is a system by itself as much as the central nervous system is interconnected. Emotional distress can cause major Qi imbalances such as when a person is exposed to constant stress or bickering on the part of someone else. Hormones can also cause a Qi imbalance as most illness causes a Qi problem. The Chow system integrates acupuncture, acupressure, massage, and body work with visualization. Dr. Chow also uses touch therapy, counseling, as well as plenty of other therapeutic techniques.

Qigong helped me get my caffeine addiction under control, five years later in 2010, when I could recognize my caffeine addiction as an addiction. Qigong helped my chronic fatigue issues, because by the time 2012 rolled around I realized I needed to address all my mental health problems. Having to take medication without an accurate diagnosis is not fun. Not knowing I was schizophrenic wasn’t fun either.

When I finally managed to get healthy, in 2012, I really had learned about energy, and how often, I was low on energy. At my most unstable, in 2009, I was able to go to bed at 2:00 a.m. and wake up at noon. Nobody in my family said, gee, that’s bad, get medication. Nobody much cared. The frustration that caused, my inability to take responsibility for my mental health, and hell, I’m the only treated one. I’m seriously, the only treated member of my family. Qigong may help improve the lifespan give or take you learn one system. I finally have gotten a handle on my chronic fatigue issues because of my many energy studies.

Dr. Chow founded the East West Academy of Healing Arts in 1973. I have maintained an interest in the subject since taking her classes. Now that I can actually focus on my classes, it will be a lot easier since in college I couldn’t pin down any one psychiatric diagnosis since my schizophrenia was kept secret from me. Now that I’m finally stable, I can understand Qigong principles better. I can also flow energy in my body more smoothly. I’m just waiting for the New Age community to get it through their heads that I need to take my medication in order to function. Qi flows in your body in various ways. Since Qi is directed via the meridians. In Qigong class, I did learn quite a bit about visualization through the meditations, I learned how to consciously direct it, instead of haphazardly using it when I felt like it. These days I have control over what kind of day I will have. I can decide how my energy will flow, all this because of medication.

I only took some introductory Chow Qigong classes. It was hard to keep my hypothyroidism under control while in San Francisco since the weather is cooler than further south. I’d go home every weekend to warm up. I spent many years until 2010, unstable. I learned some meditations as best I was able to at the time. I still have the original Chow Qigong book at home given I could start using the exercises again to get my knee injury under control. Right now though, my energy is under control, period. Nobody needs someone with my skillset running around out of control. My moods affect the people around me, so I strive to maintain medication consistency daily since that is the only way to keep my abilities in control. Some people really do get this need of mine while many others who have given me issues will remain nameless but this is why I write these articles, so that the word is out there about how I need to take care of myself.

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How Qigong Helped Me in the Past
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