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How I Overcame Avoiding Certain Meals, to Loving Eating Through a Healthier Lifestyle!

My Story, and Some Simple Tips on How I Changed My Lifestyle Through Cleaner Eating

This photo was taken after a purchase from  a local market in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

The standard Americanized breakfast usually—the first things that pop into my mind—consists of pancakes and syrup, eggs and bacon, and biscuits and gravy. None of those things ever settled right with my body. I may like the taste of those foods occasionally, but most of the time I cannot stand the thought of buttery, greasy foods like most everybody I know enjoys indulging themselves in first thing in the morning.

Ever since I was a child, up until recently, I grew up never eating breakfast regularly. Thankfully, It wasn't because we didn't have food, but because I simply never preferred eating breakfast. That firm feeling began to slowly fade away once I discovered the deep importance breakfast does for our bodies. Just like when one starts the day off with a devotional or simple reading to set a firm, and peaceful foundation for the day, so does breakfast effect our day. 

I have discovered that eating things such as low-fat yogurt, fresh fruit, and granola is something that settles perfectly with me early in the day. I even throw in a protein shake or fruit smoothie to add to the vitamins and nutrients so my body isn't lacking. When I eat these lighter and healthier foods, I don't feel nauseous like other breakfast foods usually make me feel. An occasional muffin is a great and light treat I enjoy as well! I get all my proteins and nutrients from simple meals like these. Not only is it tasty, but my body is thanking me In the long run as well.

At a young age, I currently struggle with several health dilemmas that cause me to be in pain most of the time. My main cause of pain is, Endometriosis, which is something I believe I can be healed from, but I also don't want to totally neglect my body by filling it with foods that will only feed my issues instead of positively attacking any diseases or illnesses. In my recent past, I struggled with eating any food at all until later on in the day close to mid-evening which was absolutely terrible for me physically and mentally. 

For the past few months, I've slowly been striving to change my diet to be more steady throughout the day so my body can adjust to my different food intakes and routines of living a healthier lifestyle. I'm going to go ahead and get this out of the way, not every meal I eat is healthy! I am far from perfect by any means, and eating clean adds up to be pretty expensive! I definitely don't stress if I eat a slice of pizza, or if I have an occasional milkshake. I do want to live my life to the fullest, not consisting of starving myself when I go out with friends to Pizza Hut or Baskin Robbins, but I do highly pursue starting my day with natural, and healthy foods to begin my day, and if I can, all throughout my day. It can be tricky when my schedule gets busy and I can't step aside to slice a mango or blend up a protein shake. 

Pre-making and even freezing my meals are great ways to preserve and plan meals throughout life's busy schedule. I recently purchased a Bento box for my to-go snacks and meals and I love it! Eating healthy isn't something that comes naturally overnight. It takes time, effort, and self-discipline. Might I add, starving yourself, or using unnatural pills should not be a way of life. I can say this, because I have been there, and it took a toll on me in a way that was hard to recover from. I am now eating healthy, not to lose weight or because it's recently trending, but because eating cleaner has helped me in more ways than one when it comes to sickness and pain. It makes me feel more energetic and happier throughout my day. Plus I absolutely love the taste of fresh, earthy foods over anything else. I encourage anyone and everyone to stop by your local farmers market or health food store and give eating clean a shot. It has changed my life in so many ways and I enjoy learning and creating new recipes and health benefits daily.

I am planning on posting some of my personal recipes along with more in-depth tips on this topic soon, so stay on the look-out and in the meantime, please read my other published stories! I love sharing my heart, passions, and discoveries and I love when other people learn and have new passions sparked within them.  

My Bento Box!

I bought my bento box from, "Earth Fare" in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is where I do most of my shopping. I highly recommend "Earth Fare"!

Here are some of my most recently bought items from my local Earth Fare health food store!

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How I Overcame Avoiding Certain Meals, to Loving Eating Through a Healthier Lifestyle!
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