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How Essential Oils Will Improve the Longevity of Your Health

Improve Your Health Through Simple Steps

Everyone is always complaining about getting older, but maybe it doesn’t have to be such a bad thing—if we start managing the longevity of our health now! If the side effects of “getting old” were less intense or didn’t even exist until later in life, we’d be able to enjoy our favorite hobbies and share them with grandkids, and hey, maybe even our great grandkids! None of us wants to become that stereotypical cartoon grandparent sitting on the sofa watching TV, or rather snoring with the TV on in the background, while our family is out having a good time—only visiting us when something happens. It’s time to take control of your life by creating a truly healthy lifestyle in a cost effective and easy way.

We are constantly told to eat right and exercise, but what else can we do to manage our health? The surprising answer lies in supplements such as essential oils. The more you take care of your health today, the better the aging process will be on your body. We know that omega 3’s and other brain boosting supplements may help support cardiovascular health. 


Essential oils that promote circulation, such as peppermint and cassia assist in cardiac & vascular health. This will also help with brain health, increasing circulation to that organ. Take these oils internally to assist with circulation in the body. You can also apply a few diluted drops to the skin or affected area and massage. There are also many essential oils to help with the health of joints and organs in the body. When managed properly, various health issues may decrease and lead to more mobility and an active lifestyle, which circles back to increasing one’s health and longevity.

Head Tension

Tension can be a daily issue, especially in a busy and fast-paced society. It can be hard to function. Between essential oils and daith piercings (a piercing in the cartilage in the ear), many have claimed a holistic cure to their head tension. Peppermint oil and lavender drops on your neck and temples assist in relieving tension. If you prefer heat, putting a few drops on a heating pad, and applying to the neck will help as well. There is a great collection of doterra oils that can assist with this.   

Stress Reduction

We all struggle with stress and lack of focus—there’s no denying it, even if we have our life together fairly solidly. A great way to focus and ground yourself when things start to spiral or your thoughts wander are citrus scents. In fact, many yoga instructors use citrus oils in their classes to help their students feel grounded and relieved from stress. Lavender is great for stress relief, and also useful for getting relaxing sleep. Along with chamomile, these oils can help ease the mind—putting a few drops in a diffuser while drinking a hot cup of tea is sure to ease your mind, and allow you to focus on what really matters—YOU!

Essential oils are a great, cost-effective solution for many of the possible health issues mentioned. If you’re living in the United States especially, you know the cost of healthcare, and the struggle to get the solutions needed. It is always advised to go to your doctor and seek appropriate treatment, even verifying that these oils are safe for your specific conditions. That being said, these oils are worth trying if you are looking to improve the longevity of your health. You will be surprised at the effects essential oils can have on the mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of your health.

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How Essential Oils Will Improve the Longevity of Your Health
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