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Here's Why AfterShokz Are the Best (and Safest) Running Headphones You Can Buy

If you want to make your daily run safer, you need to check out AfterShokz for your next run.

Running with headphones is a lot more risky than people let on. Everyone has heard of a runner or jogger who has been hurt because they couldn't hear their surroundings.

Sometimes, the reason they got in trouble is because they couldn't hear someone sneaking up behind them to mug them. Other times, it's because they couldn't hear an oncoming car.

For most people, running isn't as fun without headphones. That's why most people still insist on wearing them, and why people will often just wear their headphones minimally while they run—even though it hurts their overall fitness experience.

AfterShokz are headphones that are letting runners have their safety and music, too. Their secret is all in the design...

Most headphones are all built the same—to a point.

When you think of headphones, you think of a piece of equipment that targets your eardrums to send out sound. Your headphones can go in your ears, or over them. Either way, they are placed on your ears, right?

It makes sense, since we typically use our ears to hear things. That's what our ears are designed to do, but this also means that there will be several problems that come with excessive headphone use.

The problem with traditional headphones is manifold.

The way headphones work is to target your ears and eardrums directly—and that's the problem. Headphones tend to drown out other noises that surround you. This, in turn, causes runners to be unable to hear the noise around them, which is how runners get hurt.

There's also the problem of hearing loss. Headphones directly impact your eardrums, which causes eventual wear and tear. This is why doctors regularly advise people to avoid cranking up the volume on their headphones.

AfterShokz are not most headphones.

AfterShokz are not built like regular headphones because they don't target your ears to deliver your sound. They use the latest technology to use vibrations that are geared towards your cheekbones.

The vibration tech delivers sound to your ears safely, all while giving you the chance to keep your ears open for ambient noise. This makes AfterShokz the first open-ear headphones in existence.

Open ear technology means you are less likely to suffer hearing loss, even when you crank up the tunes.

Since the soundwaves are hitting your cheekbones first, your eardrums get less impact directly towards them. This gives you the chance to preserve your hearing without having to worry about losing the ability to hear your favorite tunes.

You also don't have to sacrifice quality for safety, either.

AfterShokz come with PerfectPitch+ technology, which guarantees a premium experience no matter what you're listening to. In other words, these are perfect for everyone, regardless of whether they listen to Rachmaninoff or rock n' roll.

To make sure that your headphones don't bother anyone else, AfterShokz also all come equipped with LeakSlayer technology. LeakSlayer means that your music is yours, and yours alone to hear.

An ergonomic design means that they remain comfortable while resting on your face.

A major issue any runner has struggled with is finding headphones that fit snugly enough to keep on their ears without them being painful. It's a struggle that the makers of AfterShokz know all too well.

AfterShokz were designed with athletes in mind, and that means they are meant to stay securely in place—even when you're jumping, running, jogging, dancing, and twisting your way into shape.

Using an ergonomic design, the makers of AfterShokz were able to get an even balance between comfort and cling.

They're built marathon-strong, in more ways than one!

Runners can tell you that headphones are never really for a sprint; they're for a marathon. AfterShokz aren't a "sprint" in terms of quality or playing time. A single charge will last you for 12 hours of continuous play, and each pair of headphones comes with a two-year warranty.

You already have a marathon that you're working on. Why take a break to charge your headphones?

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Here's Why AfterShokz Are the Best (and Safest) Running Headphones You Can Buy
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