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Here and Now

There is more to life than living.

Photo by Daniel Hjalmarsson on Unsplash

Our brain is essentially the central processor of a system that works in wondrous ways that most of us have no comprehension of at all. Symbolically, we are not that different to a computer and our brain is the CPU that ensures the efficiency of the entire unit. I once despaired at what a mess my computer had become with files seemingly laying around everywhere and suddenly saw that my mind was being ‘uncared for’ the same way. It was a defining moment in my life and as I cleaned up my computer, I looked at how I could clean my life and mind up too. I remembered a wise man from my youth who had stated that he could judge the type of person someone was by the state of their room and I had thought he was simply being judgmental, but I now saw what he was really saying and I saw the truth of his words. Everything is symbolic of something after all and as I worked on tidying my laptop, I saw his wisdom coming to life upon my screen.

Designed to work on more than one level in a complex interaction of energy, matter, mind, and eventually, heart. The brain is a tangled yet intricate web of cells, chemicals, pathways, activators, motivations, and more, that impact on our physical, mental, and spiritual states, through systems relating to digestion, homeostasis, and general health, dominating our ability to manage stress, fear, love, acceptance, joy, peace, security and trust. All of this is symbolic at a superbly simplistic level too though, relating to the state of our energy in the moment. Energy exists and is dynamic, meaning it must have life in some form and must create life for itself in some way. This creation is not necessarily matter-based but must occur, whatever shape it takes, it must move and cannot remain static or still. This is the basis of all life and without this movement, life would not exist at all. It is the movement that creates the ‘life’ of energy, the E+motion (energy in motion). This is what many of us perceive as ‘feminine’ and the stillness we perceive as ‘masculine,’ ‘destruction,’ ‘death,’ and ‘nothingness.

Our brain, being matter, has no concept in and of itself, of any of this. It is simply matter and much like the Avatar© in James Cameron's 2009 movie, the Energy inhabits the body, and fires up the system. Without the Energy, the body/brain is essentially lifeless and does not function. For those who think the brain is what powers the body, the Mind is an alien concept that is only slowly being understood even now and is starkly different to the Brain it inhabits. The Mind comprehends all of what I am speaking of here and finds it not so much fantastical but normal. The ind knows itself as far more than just a brain and body, far more than matter-based, far more than what we might perceive it as and it guides us unerringly to yearn for the liberation it’s wisdom can bring us. Crossing the chasm of mind/matter brings a delicious yet bitter grace that we cannot even hope to imagine before we cross it. The symbolism of the grass being greener on the other side is a metaphor for this crossing, an unconscious knowledge of the yearning we all carry in the core of our hearts to expand and grow beyond our own limited perception of Self into the Unity of being. In this moment, a totality exists that our brain cannot comprehend. We seek the space between the stillness and the movement but when we are still, we seek movement, and when we are moving, we seek stillness, not knowing that it is between these two states that the sweetest spot exists, the all-knowing, all-creating, all-being, spot that we yearn to attain at the deepest level of existence. Everything we perceive is that but we perceive it as we think, not as it is and our feelings—the stories we create through the thoughts we have about Emotion—weigh us down and create illusions that we attach to, thereby forgetting our truth—that we are merely energy that is still or moving and no-thing more.

We have created an elaborate catacomb for our mind to play in so that we can stay unaware of all this until we want to become aware of it and there is nothing to judge in any of it. Stories are the tapestry of what we weave while we are here and now and it is these stories that drive us to uncover, discover, and recover what we have forgotten, at our own pace, in our own way. Let our stories lead us onward to the realm of the unknown so that all becomes known again. Namaste and blessings.