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Herbs for Health

For centuries, western doctors dismissed herbs for health and herbal preparations as worthless and unscientific.

Herbal and holistic health practitioners have been extolling the healing values of certain plants for centuries, but until recently most western doctors dismissed herbal preparations as worthless and unscientific. Conclusive clinical tests and the standardization of herbal extracts has moved herbalism back into the spotlight. In light of this new information, vitamin and nutritional supplements have been offering herbs in a pill for years.

Dong Quai—Muscle Relaxant

Dong Quai is a natural for our women's herbal formula. Its analgesic and muscle relaxant qualities have been used for thousands of years to help women through painful menstruation and to insure healthy pregnancies and childbirth. 

Its ability to inhibit the production of the antibody IgE, a key part of the allergic response, also makes it effective for those suffering from food or pollen allergies. Coumarin is the compound found in Dong Quai which can stimulate the activity of macrophages to destroy foreign invaders, including tumor growth.

Ginseng Central—Nervous System Stimulant

Our men's formula is customized with the inclusion of Ginseng, a plant that has seen centuries of use as a treatment for the effects of stress on the digestive and nervous systems. 

Ginseng is a central nervous system stimulant, improving the activities of the hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal glands by stimulating the production of adrenal corticotropic hormone (ACTH). It also makes blood platelets less adhesive and more flexible, to improve circulation.

Ma Huang—Fight Allergies

Ma Huang, or ephedra sinica, is included in both the men's and women's formulas.

This herb has been used for centuries in eastern countries fight allergies, asthma, and other inflammatory conditions. Ma Huang also has a thermogenic effect on the body, stimulating brown adipose tissue (brown fat) to burn white fat as fuel to produce body heat, making it a clinically proven way to lose fat without dieting.

Fo-ti—Blood Fortification

Both formulas also contain Fo-ti, or polygonum multiflorum, whose leaves and roots have traditionally been used to fortify the blood, liver, and kidneys; to strengthen bones and muscles; and to help hair retain its natural color. 

Extracts of this plant display fever-reducing, hypoglycemic, and sedative effects. Two antitumor agents, emodin and rhein, are also found in its roots.

Ginko Biloba—Improves Circulation

We've also included Ginkgo Biloba in both formulas. This extract has proven itself in double-blind clinical studies to be a terrific boon to the circulatory and nervous systems, especially in the elderly. 

In one study of 112 geriatric patients with cerebral vascular insufficiency, patients receiving ginkgo extract showed significant improvement of headache, ringing of the ears, vertigo, and short-term memory loss.
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Herbs for Health
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