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Heart, Health & Life from the Happy Wife

Going Rogue in the Life of Dieting with HCG/Keto Concepts

Let there be no lies, I am ABSOLUTELY winging this. With that said, be sure that I know how to do two things very well, which are writing and dieting. I am half black, and as such, if you know anything, I have what I value—a desired thickness which many women must work for to achieve. Of course, my very white mother did not understand the concept that color = thick. So as I hit puberty, my mother mistook my thickness for weight gain. As a good mother, it was her mission to help me stay thin, because that is what society tells us is most desired in order to be accepted. What does this mean exactly? Let me enlighten you. This meant I tried the low-fat diet, measured caloric in-take diet, the protein shake diet, the Weight Watchers diet, the no-carb diet and so on. While my Marmie meant well, she had no idea she was instilling in me the belief that I was not thick, but fat.

Now as I reflect back on my early years and reminisce by looking at old pictures of myself, I understand how ridiculous it was to think that I was fat. I mean, Sir Mix A Lot himself made an entire video explaining to me why I should love myself. But after all, he was one video versus Vogue, Redbook, Seventeen and the surplus of various fashion and style magazines who were saying the exact opposite. Today, I rest even more convinced that matter of factly... my body was BANGIN. I mean Nicki Minaj and the Kardashian daughters paid to look like I did and I gots mine for free <slang intended>.

At this point, I have been on the HCG injections since Friday, October 26. Initially (as I found through my course of research) you begin the injections while spending two to three days loading up with carbs and food that are high in fat. The reason for this is to have a reserve of stored energy, as the HCG diet dictates that you limit yourself to a daily consumption of only 500 calories. Where I have gone "rogue," per say, is by eliminating that 500 calorie eating plan and instead substituting that meal plan for a full keto plan.

Now the concept behind keto is to alter your system, changing it to full state of ketosis. With this concept, there has been a great deal of argument as to whether or not carbohydrates are consumed. Some will say the consumption of carbs at all is NOT following the keto diet; others will say eating simple rather than complex carbs while limiting the whole amount of daily carb consumption is keto. What I SAY, find a method that works best for you, while still remembering that we live to ENJOY LIFE. If you are micro-managing every little bit of food you put in your mouth, constantly carb-counting and then weighing yourself, I think you will be fucking miserable. Find the keto method which works best FOR YOU. Watch videos, get tips, download apps, start a Pinterest board of keto recipes, and most of all BUY THE TEST STRIPS. When your body is in a fully keto state, the urine strips will tell you so. Once you hit that state, play with your diet. After all, if you are close but not quite there, tweak it. If you are there but desire certain foods, TWEAK IT. YOU are the master of your life, which means you get to make up the rules as you go, so to speak. What delights me about the keto diet is the amount of bacon one gets to consume on a weekly basis. I mean, how could a diet possibly be bad when bacon is a key to your success?

Fat intake is your target in the keto diet. If you want fried chicken, crush up pork rinds and use that as your "breading," then fry it in lard. You can even make pizza and tacos, but simply with a twist. For pizza dough, ask Uncle Google about keto pizza dough (Keto Magic Mozzarella Dough). You make it with mass amounts of mozzarella cheese... again, how can you go wrong. Since starting my diet, I have invested in almond and coconut flour (key ingredients), great for battering fish nuggets. Fish high in Omega-3s is your best friend, as is avocado. I have found and tested a slew of recipes which I assembled in my Ke-toning board on Pinterest. I also recommend watching Thomas DeLauer's video about mistakes made in adopting this diet, he really helps break down the do's and don't's of a keto diet.

I think we have a good foundation, and on that note, I shall leave you until next Monday. I hope you have found this helpful. Shoot a comment if I am actually good at this, I might have even made you snicker once or twice. I do so wish to hear from you, my readers! I urge you to connect with me! If you have questions, wish me to write about something specific as we venture down this road together, or want to tell me I am stupid then please feel free to reach out to me. Even follow me on Twitter @DuchDeLuca, you can even find me on Google+. I truly wish to connect with you. After all, you are my inspiration to write!

I am including some old pics of myself because a.) they are fun and b.) since I spoke of my young physique, I feel it is only proper. I am also including a few pics of the few keto recipes I have already whipped up.

And remember, if I won't be honest with you... Who Will?

Me at 18

Keto Eggroll in a Bowl

Bacon Chicken Bombs

Fried Fish Nuggets

Mojito Lime Tilapia with Garlic Smashed Cauliflower

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