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Healing with Gemstones

The Basics

At the expense of shooting myself in the foot, I will say that gemstones are not a substitute for medication, a doctor’s care, or insulin. Gemstone healing is merely a funny aside for me, although it is an interest I have as well. Some people believe that gemstones have healing properties when you put them on your body or hold them in your hand. Black tourmaline has helped me bounce other people’s negativity off my energy field, at least that experience made me see there is something to this gemstone business after all. And some say that it “takes a conscious effort to open your heart and mind to the power of crystal healing.” Source.

Crystals supposedly help you manifest intent into your life due to the vibration of the crystal, which supposedly amplifies the positive vibes that you are cultivating. Crystal energy is there to serve as a connection to the earth as well as the cosmos. People put stock into crystal healing because it may or may not work. I want to try it, as black tourmaline really did do its job, and I’ve melted hematite in my hand from my psychokinesis. It has been said that when hematite has absorbed energy, it cracks. I have seen this happen in my hand a few times.

Clear quartz is seen as especially powerful because quartz is apparently 12% of the earth’s crust, finding its way into many different forms of technology. Some believe that quartz can take the shape of what you are thinking about? Really, that’s bizarre. Apparently, other gemstones can store thought the way tapes use magnetic energy to record sound, so if you think a crystal can heal you, it can? I’m not sure how scientist me feels about this. It is worth further study.

Crystals can heal racing thoughts, and mind-chatter. Working with the healing power of the crystals takes a lot of effort along with time, which is something I want to learn about but not at the expense of dropping Western medicine. That is something I can’t do. When I buy my stones, I do not feel they are choosing me but I do sense stuff in it that I have to make my choice to bear in mind with. When you feel sensations, such as pulsating energy or hot and cold energy is what makes a crystal choose its owner, or perhaps the owner choosing the rock.

I do use black tourmaline on my walls for protection. I’m trying to keep my bedroom safe from outside interferences, coming from family, for example. I know that amethyst can help you sleep because I use it in my dream pillow that I made for an online pagan school class. I have some amethyst in my bedroom at any rate, and I can sleep very well with it. I think I have experienced crystals feeling good in my hand. I have both right and left hands as sending/receiving for most energy workings. But according to my personal experience, me being around lapis lazuli makes me high. I keep it outside of my bedroom. I can’t sleep in the same room as lapis lazuli, which is a blue stone, mostly blue with flecks of white. Lapis Lazuli has the same effect on me as caffeine only without the high, although I do feel a bit high around this stone. It’s why I keep it in a wooden box, in the other room. However, I am of the sound opinion that gemstones do not replace medications. Some people are fixated on how crystals can help heal you but hey, you know what? Don’t throw out western medicine with the crystal-soaked water.

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The Lesson of the Lapis Lazuli


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Healing with Gemstones
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