Kali Shakti
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Healing Out Loud

A Shamanic Journey through the "Shadow"

My scars are my beauty marks. My hate is what deserves the most care and love. Attention to your wounds seals your leaks. Sealing these leaks empowers your drive toward your supreme fate. Our fate lays in every individual. We are united. Its time we acknowledge our influence and power. Stop pretending to be weak and useless. You have a purpose Here and How – be the Hero of your dreams, challenge Death as you embrace your eternal Being.

F*ck it, Mask off.

My name is Lexa, LexaSlay, the Shadow Shiva, and I’m bout to rock your f*cking world.

Schizophrenia is not a disease that just happens to a few people - it is the normal state of humanity. Man is split due to centuries of conditioning, civilization, culture, religion. We are separated from our very nature of totality. We are brought up in a materialistic world and then taught spirituality. The spiritual preaches humility and the material preaches ambition. When we are alone, we desire Love with a partner, to unite, this is the goal, but when we are together, we feel attachment, sin, lust.

Our entire society is schizophrenic - we continue to preach and teach contradictory values that keep our consciousness in a divided state of duality - good or bad - spiritual or materialistic - heaven or hell. 

With these many voices pleading our guilty conscious - how can we ever be truly happy? How can we ever be truly sure of anything? How can we ever know which voice is coming from the Center? 

You see, I’ve been working on this thing called “The Shadow” — a concept created by renowned psychologist Carl Jung which forms in your unconscious mind feeding upon all of your fears and hidden emotions.

The shadow is like your very own grim reaper that beckons you into the Darkness, taunting you to dive deep into the cesspool of all your dark brooding emotions and twisted fantasies. The shadow is the “dark side” of our personality because it consists chiefly of primitive, negative human emotions and impulses like rage, envy, greed, selfishness, desire, and the striving for power. Sounds kinda hot, right?

Or maybe you’re thinking, HELL NO! Why would I even want to go there and explore the Darkness when I am perfectly comfortable with my hum-drum middle-class cookie cutter Basic Bee life. Well, let me tell you why.

It is through Darkness that we truly know the Light, the Self.

Do you ever wonder why you keep repeating the same patterns, having problems with relationships, attracting abundance, living a purposeful and joyful life?

There is something blocked within you, something festering, gnawing at your conscious that is begging to be acknowledged, to be witnessed and integrated.

Because of societal norms and it's schizophrenic ways, many behaviors and emotions are deemed unacceptable and so we stuff them down and store them deep in our unconscious mind which will eventually, one day, EXPLODE or continue to torment you through projection onto others. Often this is done as a way of keeping yourself tame, likable and “civilized” in the eyes of others.

As you can imagine, embracing the Shadow is like walking through a hell-fire of tormented emotions but once on the other side, you will have achieved an entirely new liberated way of Being: one of true Authenticity and Empowerment, having integrated the Light and the Dark within One's Being.

The Shadow is truly a Gift and a Friend just begging for your acceptance.

You see we’ve all come to Earth school to learn lessons and evolve as souls – some of us have been here MANY times (…ugh, too many times) and we carry the karmic baggage of our ancestors as well as their blessings + gifts. Ascension is the choice to consciously make the decision to evolve spiritually, given the task to heal and uplift negative karmic and patterns within the ancestral lineage and DNA.

Highly advanced master souls, carry the keys and codons within their DNA to transmute fear-based energies upon the planet, having actually volunteered to come to Earth at this time, to anchor in a new Light frequency to the Earth. Ascension is making the quantum leap, a shift in energetic frequency to activate this knowledge that lies dormant within the DNA activating embodiment of your HigherSelf. This creates rapid transmutation and transformation of mind-control programs in one’s identity – shifting timelines and direction of consciousness.

My experience and perspective delve far and wide beyond this linear time-space dimension. I'm often bombarded by intuitions that I fear to act on because they are far beyond my egoic sense of self's self-imposed boundaries and limitations.

But in connecting to my Source, I am freeing myself in hopes that I may free others of stigma around expressing your most Authentic Integrated Self-Soul Expression. I'm here to break down the walls of illusion, the structures of society formed upon greed, separation, and suppression in order to assist in the rebirth of a New Earth, a new paradigm that is founded upon the evolved ideals of unity, loyalty, justice, harmony, and respect for all life and the Earth.

Through my own process of awakening transmuting deep-ceded fears and darkness, coming back into the Truth of One, I recognize that these dark secrets are actually my greatest gifts to the World as these tools of transformation have brought so much Light to my own psyche helping me to understand and heal the mind-patterns of human suffering.

Healing the unconscious mind, bridging Shadows into the Light, is my passion and purpose as I've comprised an alchemical toolbox of poetry and prose from my own experience as well as transformational tools that can assist in dealing with negative emotions and inner monsters. I am excited to use this site as a platform to embark upon a healing journey of shamanizing the shadow.