Global Famine

The Full Extent Of Global Hunger

The full extent of global hunger in the world today.

The world is facing one of it's greatest challenges. Global Famine is going to be a reality. Some parts of the world are already facing acute food and water shortages. Even here in the United States a growing number of people face horrific starvation and poverty everyday. A major catastrophe is going to happen if we continue on this destructive path of denial and apathy.

The greatest concern this world has is that at least 80% of the earth's farmable land is already underproductive and of this 80%, 35% is so severely depleted due to the extensive chemically based farming practices that have been used since the 1940's. Compound to this is the increasing dependence on hybrid varieties [they don't have the capacity to self-replenish due to the fact that these hybrid food sources were designed using chemicals.] Add to all this is the continuing escalation of energy prices. The rotation of crops, a direct link to enriched food sources have not been used in decades. Land is so worn out that what ever food is harvested is extremely weak in vitamins and minerals.

The very soil that is the base for food sources through-out the world has been steadily over cultivated to the point where the nutrients and minerals that are essential for healthy crops are so depleted that what ever is harvested no longer contains the necessary nutrients and minerals that are so essential. Consequently, the Honey Bees are dying off because the soil has not been given the time to replenish itself. This is devastating to the Honey Bee and ultimately to man. The Honey Bees are more susceptible to viruses, mites, and the pesticides. This is the greatest cause as to why the Honey Bees are vanishing.

The United States Department of Agriculture projects that domestic production of grain is at the lowest level in 50 years, and now a large percentage of the food sources are being processed to supplement the oil industry for the production of Ethel Alcohol. Using vital food sources that are the bread and butter of human existence in the production of fuel is so hideous when any organic compound can be substituted and is more readily available.

Global commodities such as grain, meat, and dairy have now risen in cost by more than 50% in the last year and half. Another factor is that due to these soaring food prices the United States [the world's most dominate exporter] has diminished its exports by more than 1/3 and now is at its lowest level in decades. The long range projections are that we will continue to export less every year unless we change from organic food sources such as grains to non-food sources in the production of bio fuel. This means that countries that are dependent upon our exports will continually be in an economic, social, and security crises. In general, what we have created as a result of ignorance and greed practiced by our agriculture industry over the past 50 years is a disaster of epic proportions.

This is the clear and present danger we all face today. The technology and the resources are available but time is running out. Only through intervention, education, and commitment will solve this impending catastrophe. The United States must pass National Economic Reform. In that way the US will lead the rest of the world in plentiful food sources while at the same time stop the inflationary cost of living that is undermining the security, the health, and the quality of life in that United States and the rest of the world.

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