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Get Fit! Just Do It!

Tips on How to Lose Weight and Benefit from a Workout

Have You Ever:

Went to the gym and saw no progress?

Had no motivation to go to the gym?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, keep reading!

No Progress, No Problem!

Many people go to the gym 3-6 days a week. Either their goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or get completely shredded, but this may be harder for some people than it is for others.

It can get very frustrating when you go to the gym and you see others who are fit, and are benefiting from their workouts, but it really isn't that hard!

How you might ask?

Taking the right steps in seeing progress come from your workouts needs to start with the right diet. I tend to see a lot of people working out and not getting anywhere due to the fact that they just are not eating right. Cut out the processed sugars! Do your best to stay away from those candies and pops that we all love and crave. Instead of going for a bag of skittles, go for an apple or an orange. Stay away from the fast foods, and try and watch your caloric intake! It may seem like a lot, but replacing a fast food meal with some chicken and vegetables can go a long way!

Train the Right Areas

Training properly is a huge problem that everyone encounters at some point! knowing what to train and how to train your muscles is major in seeing progress! Have a schedule that works for you.

(e.g., Monday: Chest, Tuesday: Shoulders, Wednesday: Back, Thursday: Legs, Friday: Arms)

This is how my schedule usually looks, but yours may differ depending on your life outside of the gym!

Finding what workouts work and what don't is also a HUGE factor when it comes to progress! For myself, when I first started out at the gym, I used BodyBuilder's website and got all the workouts I needed. It told me what workouts worked out what muscles and how to do them properly! I highly suggest going and checking it out if you truly have no idea what you are doing and need some seriously good workouts that will help you.

Just do it!

Ever wake up in the morning and feel as though you just can't find time for the gym, or you just right out don't want to go?

I feel this way a lot of the time and many others do. YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

The best way for you to gain motivation and continue going to the gym is to set a goal. If your goal is to weigh X number of pounds by a certain month, then make it happen. Set a schedule that works for you and get out there and do it!

If you are new to going to the gym, find a friend that will go with you and motivate each other. Nothing feels better than having someone push you and get you in the gym and bettering yourself!

My best way to motivate myself is by taking a pre-workout. Pre-workout is a stimulant that increases your energy and for me it makes me want to go to the gym! I will be coming out with another blog to tell you more about supplements and what you should avoid!

One thing that I also like to do to keep myself motivated, is to watch youtube videos! Watching people like Obese To Beast, makes me feel like their is hope and these people know what they're talking about and how things should be done! They show you that nothing is truly impossible.


—Spencer Dupuis

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Get Fit! Just Do It!
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