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Gemstone Elixirs

How to Make Them

I used to be the very anti-medication sort of person that I rant about on here. Vaccines are bad for you, etc. I know something of gemstone elixirs, give or take the way I have used them in the past. Gemstone elixirs can be stored indefinitely as making them is claimed to be easy. Some stones can actually have poisons in their actual substance that makes up the stone itself. Quartz is said to amplify the charges you are trying to imbue with the water. You need to use dark-colored glasses in brown or blue to put the gemstones in while you are making the water so you can actually drink it.

Glass droppers are also necessary for this particular sort of project, along with spring water or distilled water. Some suggest vodka or vinegar, and as a former alcoholic, I’m inclined to try this project with vinegar. You can use sunlight or moonlight or a space where you can undertake this spiritual project. All crystals used for this project have to be cleared or charged if you want to. I don’t even know if I could put a project like this together. I need to work on a huge psychic grid for my condo anyway.

The next step is to state the intent for making this elixir out loud. You need to use the larger container to contain the crystals that are in the smaller container. First you fill the large container, then you leave the container in the sunlight or moonlight while you let the water be charged—even if arranging the crystals beside the container that is being filled with water can be done as an option. You remove the inner container with the water into a large bottle, pouring vinegar into the bottle you are making as a type of preservative. You use the smaller bottle immediately, charging it with Reiki energy if you want to.

You may or may not be able to heal yourself with gemstones. I find that iffy. I mean, it could work, but really using Western medicine is enough. Crystal use is a purely energetic phenomenon that really hinges on mysticism more than science. Some crystals can no doubt help the user but it actually helps on a vibrating level. The term “vibe” comes from the word “vibration,” which means that the crystal or person is emanating energy from something. I prefer to use crystals externally rather than drinking the water as the water could take on contaminants if you do not know what you are doing, which, as this is my first thought into working on something like this, I don’t know much about this subject anyways.

There are many types of gemstones out there that treat different conditions. You can even use jewelry such as diamonds, rubies or emeralds to treat your stuff. Hematite strengthens energetic boundaries. Seeing as I have been melting hematite with my psychokinesis, I’m able to say that I’ve somehow changed the physical composition f the hematite with my energy, last night. Many stones have different properties. Lapis Lazuli makes me feel high, but rather this website states that it can amplify both physical and non-physical information from various sources, apparently clearing confusion from hearing versus knowing. Malachite, for example, is one crystal that cannot be taken internally, period. This is because malachite is flat out poisonous, as blue and green stones contain their coloring from metals. Putting the gem on your body works better than making it into an elixir if that’s the case. Sometimes it is best to use caution with any new age technique because you have to be careful.

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Gemstone Elixirs
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