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Fun Sports & Activities for the 50+ Crowd

Yes, you still can play sports! Let's see which are the best for you.

Maintaining physical fitness becomes more difficult as we age. Our bodies begin to decline and getting on the football field to run the 90-yard line is no longer a feasible day out as the risk of serious injuries and aches and pains prevail. Luckily, sports and physical fitness are an important part of life for people of all ages and many sports are perfectly-suited for the 50+ crowd. If you’re ready to maintain physical activity and a fun, fulfilling life after 50, consider adding some of the sports listed below to your life and routine. The sports listed here are non-aggressive, fun, and allow you to maintain an active lifestyle without the same injury risks as other sports create.


Tennis is a sport that keeps the body in motion. It’s physically demanding so it isn’t right for everyone. However, more and more classes and clubs for older adults who want to play tennis are out there than ever before. Enroll in such a class/club to enjoy the game with adults of similar age and background. Indoor and outdoor tennis courts offer the chance for men and women 50+ to stay active and give their entire body a workout without the risks of physical contact/injuries.


Golf is a slow-paced, yet exciting sport that older adults oftentimes enjoy. It’s a game of skill more so than physical activity, but it’s also extremely rewarding when you’re on the greens. This sport is one that can fill up time since a typical game takes a few hours to complete. While golfing you have the chance to meet other like-minded seniors who share similar interests, perhaps forming newfound friendships!


Perhaps the best sport for the 50+ crowd is swimming. This activity can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night and works out the entire body. Indoor and outdoor community pools offer swimming classes and opportunities to swim for seniors of all ages, but you can also install your own pool at your home and enjoy a more discreet swimming experience more often. Just reach out to local pool builders in Prosper to choose a new pool to install at your home. Pool options for all budgets make installing a pool at your own home easier than ever before. Not only is swimming a sport that allows you to enjoy yourself, but it also keeps you physically fit.


Walking is another sport that the 50+ crowd can actively enjoy when the weather outside is nice enough to go outdoors. As you hike nature's best trails, you'll make many discoveries and can have all the fun in the world if you open your mind to the possibilities. Walking and hiking are activities that keep the heart healthy, which is important for people who are over the age of 50. Walking and hiking also offer a plethora of additional health benefits that help you stay in shape, maintain weight, reduce cholesterol levels, and otherwise maintain good health. Plus, you also enjoy togetherness with the most important people in your life when you choose to bring them along for the fun.

If you're over the age of 50, don't let getting older slow you down. The sports listed here keep you fit, active, and enjoying life to the fullest no matter how old you are. Getting older is a part of life, but that isn't to say that you'll be ready for a rockin' chair. Choose your favorite sports and tell the world that life begins at 50!

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Fun Sports & Activities for the 50+ Crowd
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