Free Anti-Age Remedy: Mind Over Matter

You are what you think, so think young.

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The reality of what you feel, see, and think are controlled by you…or rather your brain. Repeated thoughts tend to influence our perception. If we always keep feeding our brains with thoughts of getting older, than we may in fact start acting, feeling, and even looking that way!

Although ageing comments may be factually true, for now, we need stop saying old-related negatives and shift to young-related positives:

  • OLD negative: I’m getting so old 
  • YOUNG positive: I’m determined to stay young, and reverse any damage I've done to this point

  • OLD negative: My body doesn’t heal the way it did when I was younger
  • YOUNG positives: I will treat my body with more respect and focus on progressively healing it

  • OLD negative: As I get older, it’s harder to learn new things
  • YOUNG positiveI will create new neural pathways by forcing myself to learn new things, this will make it easier to keep learning
  • OLD negative: I’m not as patient as I was when I’m younger
  • YOUNG positiveI will be more patient, this will lessen stress

Start thinking that your young, to stay that way. A great read for this is Ellen Langer’s book Counterclockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility. I’ve decided that I don’t just want to stay young, but want to reverse age. Ok, not trying to go back to 5 years old, although that would definitely be a better solution! I want to reverse any damage I’ve done, by not respecting myself. Like eating too much sugar; not drinking enough water; too much partying, or rather too much alcohol; not sleeping enough; stressing out; …all of these things can be corrected. Just need to be conscious of undoing the damage.

So, remind yourself that you want to stay young, and do so frequently. Check out this inspiring video on the efficacy of thinking your way to a younger self: How To Reverse Aging With Your Mind | Marisa Peer.

How To Reverse Aging With Your Mind | Marisa Peer.

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Free Anti-Age Remedy: Mind Over Matter
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