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For Those In the Making

For over two weeks, I’ve seen Centr adapt to my life, not the other way around. With each choice for workouts, meals, or the usual stresses of day-to-day life, it has been astonishing to use an App that can help with all three.

Chris Hemsworth Centr Fit App

The fitness world has, bit by bit, stemmed into the tech world. With a plethora of Apps and diet plans, those looking to get-in-shape are bombarded with countless options. Each promises the same thing; that each workout will be tailored to your individual needs. Sadly, many of these Apps and programs turn out to be less than effective in cliental goals. And they also cost the earth!

But a recently new App has emerged onto the scene, offering something remarkably different. Created by Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth, this is Centr, and the concept fits with the current fitness rhetoric, but unlike the many others, this App delivers on its promises.

Bringing together the experts from all areas, which have time and time again, transformed Hemsworth into the God of Thunder, the actor is sharing his secrets and workouts, so you can transform too. The unique quality here though: the transformation is down to you. Centr is simply here to help you achieve it.

Combining more than just workouts, Centr educates, advises, and promotes a healthy lifestyle from every aspect available. Meal plans, functional training, mental fitness; the App is a hub of well-being for anyone and everyone, at whatever stage of life you find yourself.

The Team of Centr Fit

Setting up is easy, and for those who are unsure, who perhaps have used similar Apps, and have been left dissatisfied, there is a seven-day trial. But we guarantee, once you’re in, you’ll never want to leave. Before you start, Centr wants to know a little-bit about you. What your diet is, height, weight (these two are optional), and most importantly–your goal.

Whether it’s losing weight, building muscle, or toning, the App adapts to any goal you set. And more so, these options can be changed at any time!

There are three packages on offer; one month at £15.49, three months at £36.99, or an entire year’s subscription at £93.99–which is the more popular choice. Either way, the App is designed for any price-range.

Setting aside the details, let's delve into Centr itself. 

Chris Hemsworth in Thor Ragnarok

“For those in the making.” 

This is the mantra the App lives by, and it is evident throughout. Irrespective of which level of fitness you are at; beginner, intermediate, or advanced; Centr can adapt to fit your lifestyle. And breaking up the App into four main sections; train, eat, live, features; allows you to navigate with both ease and in direct response to your goal for that day.

"Train" goes through every workout, both self-guided, and coached, again demonstrating Centr’s approach of choice. Each workout showcases correct technique, and whether you stick to the allotted workout time or not, is entirely up to you. From body-weight exercises, cardio, or weights, the workouts are varied, and insanely easy to follow.

‘Eat’ focuses on both recipes and snacks; listing ingredients, prep time, cooking time, and nutritional information. Each recipe is broken down into a step-by-step method, and is blissfully simplistic. Though what is unique and hugely beneficial is the ‘Shopping List’ feature, which links with the recipes. Instead of trailing through the grocery shops trying to find or remember which ingredients you need to buy, the App can automatically set it out for you. Just simply click which meal or snack you want to make, and then add it to your shopping list. Every ingredient used is then listed before you. It’s that simple.

Mental health has become increasingly relevant in recent years and Centr actively treats mental fitness as something that's just as important as physical fitness. ‘Live’ breaks down the numerous techniques of calm, and relaxation both for the body and mind. Using meditation, sleep visualisation, podcasts on mental health, and combating emotional stress; Centr provides numerous options for you to try.

It’s fair to say that the ‘Live’ section on the App was truly impressive. And whether dealing with anxiety, or just to simply trying to relax, it is comforting to know that Centr is always in reach.

Chris Hemsworth Training with Tiffiny Hall

But, whilst the details of Centr are remarkable, unlike other fitness Apps, which can sometimes feel cold and robotic; Centr feels like a community. Hemsworth’s team of experts, from his personal trainer Luke Zocchi, Stunt double Bobby Holland Hanton, to professional chefs, Palisa Anderson and Sergio Perera, and to the rest of the Centr family, mix knowledge with humour, and a sense of personability.

Centr isn’t just a typical fitness App. It doesn’t push forward an unobtainable goal, or make you feel as if you need it to succeed. The App is there to help you, in whichever way you choose it to, whether that be through exorcise, diet, or mental wellness.

For over two weeks, I’ve seen Centr adapt to my life, not the other way around. With each choice for workouts, meals, or the usual stresses of day-to-day life, it has been astonishing to use an App that can help with all three.

“For those in the making,” is where the App begins, and ultimately it is up to you where you take it. But within a short time of using Centr, I’ll guarantee, that whichever fitness direction you choose, Centr will be with you every step of the way.

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