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For Successful Weight Loss Lose the Labels

Are you sabotaging your efforts?

Do you label some foods “good” and some “bad?” That habit may be sabotaging your weight loss success more than you realize.

While certain foods may have less than healthy aspects, good and bad are subjective labels we assign. Without a doubt meat from CAFO animals, farmed fish and genetically modified produce are not the healthiest choices we can make. But to say that all beef, butter, dairy, potatoes, or whatever food is being demonized, is “bad” is too broad a generalization. Please hear what I am saying. In order to be able to lose weight long term and establish a healthy relationship with your body and with food, changing your perception is key. If you punish yourself and consider you have been “bad” if you ate something you consider “bad” – that’s a problem!

Food was provided to us by God to nourish and sustain our bodies and also for enjoyment and fellowship! He’s also given us the ability to make our own choices. So some days you may make very good, healthy choices that align with your goals and other days you may not. That doesn’t ruin everything and it doesn’t make you “bad” on that day. It doesn’t even make it a bad day!

In my Today’s the Day program I work with clients through the initial 7 weeks to help them understand how to make the best choices for them. Those are not exactly the same for everyone. We are all unique metabolically and some foods that work well for me will not for you. That’s ok. This is why I call Today’s the Day a blueprint – we personalize the plan to your specific needs.

That’s also why my focus is on the quality of food and taking baby steps. If you only focus on losing a certain number of pounds or reaching a specific weight you’re missing the most important aspect of the whole thing. We are meant to enjoy our meals and our food is meant to nourish, strengthen and sustain us. Our focus is to be on wholeness and health and when that happens, reaching a healthy weight with energy and vitality becomes so much easier and more enjoyable.

Losing weight can be a pleasant “side-effect” of a healthy lifestyle!

Guilt over making a less than optimal choice is pointless. We all do that from time to time. One day isn’t going to totally derail all your other good choices. I like to tell clients to focus on making the best choices possible 90% of the time and then just enjoy the birthday cake, or ice cream, or mac and cheese or pizza or whatever your “guilty pleasure” is the remaining 10% of the time. Holidays, vacations and birthdays are part of life and we are meant to enjoy them – including the special foods. Fully enjoy the moment because it’s what you do next that counts!

Keep your focus on quality and taking small, gradual, consistent steps and lose the labels. You are a unique, incomparable, one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

What do you think about the concept of good and bad foods and how they impact who you are?

We make choices every meal.

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For Successful Weight Loss Lose the Labels
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