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Fitness Myths that Might Be Doing More Harm than Good

Exploring Whether Workout Advice Truly Assists You in Meeting Your Goals...

Here we are discussing some of the workout misconceptions and myths that you should know.

Myth: the ideal time to workout is primarily in the morning

Truth: The ideal time for a workout is whatever time permits you to do exercise consistently. You should make physical fitness a daily routine, so if the late-night trips to the gymnasium are all the things you do, you should continue doing it.

Some pieces of research recommend that working out prior to things in the morning may assist the speed of weight loss by leading the body in burning more fat.

Myth: weight lifting turns fat into muscle

Truth: You should not turn fat into a muscle. Two different tissues are present in the body: the muscle tissue and adipose tissue. The muscle tissue is present all over the body, and is further divided into three types. The adipose tissue is present under the skin around the internal organs such as heart, and present between the muscles.

Weight training assists in building up the muscle tissue around, and in, any fat tissue. A great way to decrease fat tissue is by eating healthy foods, that involves healthy fats present in fish and olive oil, lean proteins, whole grains, and vegetables.

Myth: games and puzzles are the best workouts for your brain

Truth: the ancient exercise looks better for the health of the brain as compared to the other mental puzzles that are accessible. Any kind of work that improves your heart rate has an increased impact on the brain.

When it comes to protecting your brain, improving your memory, and boosting your mood, exercise is the ideal drug that will work best.

Myth: exercise is the ideal way to lose weight.

Truth: if you want to lose weight, do not suppose that you can work off what you eat. Slimming down initiates with some changes in eating habits. Diet plays an essential role in terms of weight loss. Being active is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle.

Myth: sit-ups are an excellent way to get 6-pack abs.

Truth: as compared to the sit-ups that focus on the abdominal muscles, the planks take on multiple groups of muscles along the back, front, and sides. The crunches or sit-ups assist in strengthening some muscle groups–a great core workout aids in enhancing the whole set of entire muscles.

Myth: you only require working out one or more times in a week to stay in shape.

Truth: For long term health benefits, once or twice a week would not cut it.

For the workout to get amazing results, you need to exercise three to five times a week.

These are some of the fitness myths that do more good than harm.

While you want to boost your mood, slim down, or tone up, you can look out for some fitness routines.

Fitness Myth Buster Video

... More tips and myth busting discoveries at sixandsapphire, or browse, listen and download workout music at music.sixandsapphire.

Sneak Peek

Note: In our upcoming article we will focus and elaborate more on the benefits of exercise and being fit.

sneak peek .... 

There are many activities that an individual can participate in to increase their fitness, ranging from jogging tо early morning walking, or even playing team sports with friends, such as basketball. However, if it you are trying to develop muscle tone, and create a lean physique; joining a gym might be your best bet. Keep in mind, though, that it is extremelу important for any person who is about to embark on a fitness regime to consult their doctor before beginning.

And the winner will be... YOU!

Thе benefits of physical exercise are limitless. The improvement and maintenance of health associated with regular exercise has been shown to reduce the likelihood of contracting a numbеr оf diseases, and accordingly, prevent premature death. In addition, thе emotional benefits include mood enhancement, stress reduction, and increased self-esteem, аll of which are a strong barrier to psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety. There is strong evidence found between an active lifestyle and longevity that have also been proven.

A balancing act: An effective exercise plan should incorporate both cardiovascular activities, as well as a weight training regime. Bу incorporating both activities, you will burn calories and reduce your body fat percentage as you develop your muscles. In turn, this will ensure that your metabolic rate increases, resulting in thе desired result of an increase or decrease in your weight.

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Fitness Myths that Might Be Doing More Harm than Good
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