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First Edition

Welcome to the first of many blogs about my life

Summer 2019 ( Venice Beach, CA )

Getting to Know Me

Hey Baddies. My name is Antoinette Watkins, I’m a college student, in Miami, Florida. Living with and managing Type One Diabetes, along with figuring out how to navigate into adulthood. Consistently striving to be confident in myself and my own beauty, while dealing with all the normal college girl stresses such as “Is this outfit cute?”; “What am I going to eat for dinner?”; and “Did I turn my research paper in?”.

As this summer concludes, I've decided to start pursuing a few career interest and hobbies of mine that I wasn't courageous enough to start in high-school. So here I am, the first interest of many... writing my first public blog.

Today, I’m opening the door to my life of daily trials, accomplishments, failures, and the on going intensity of living with Type One Diabetes.

I want this blog to be a safe place for all you Baddies out there to relate with me and my life! Feel free to give positive feedback and comments, have open conversations about school and your health, or be inspired by the things I do.

About Diabetes

A little heads up! If you're going to be reading and following my journey I want you to know that there WILL be an emphasis on the fact that I am Type One Diabetic. After all, I think it's important for everyone to have some insight on this disease. As well as it is a huge part of my life and something that doesn't need to be hidden.

For those who aren’t aware there are two common forms of Diabetes…

Type One (T1D): A chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin, and is commonly found in children and young adults. People with this condition, are insulin dependent, which is how they control their blood sugars/blood glucose, and will not live without daily insulin doses of insulin.

I personally was diagnosed with T1D, on July 24th, 2006, at the age 6 years old, and have been working to properly manage living with diabetes for the past 13 years.

Type Two (T2D): A chronic condition that affects the way the body processes its blood sugar/blood glucose; which is commonly found in adults. This condition can be controlled with diet changes, exercise and medications. This condition isn’t dependent on insulin for management.

Here in my blog, I support the healthy management of both forms of diabetes and encourage everyone to be aware of their health.

And a personal message to my Diabaddies (Diabetic Baddies), my blog is also here for you to simply see somebody out here who looks and feels the same way you do. Encouraging you to be confident in your chronic disease, don’t let it own you. We are all Baddies, who come in different colors, shapes, sizes and talents. Beauty is an extremely diverse word and being confident and beautiful makes us all Baddies.

Managing your diabetes is apart of what makes you a Baddie. Know that and don’t forget it!

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First Edition
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