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Feeling Muscle Pain? Here’s the Solution

How to Relieve Muscle Pain

Millions of people experience muscle or joint pain around the world. Pains can be felt anywhere from your fingers, neck, back, arms, or legs. However, 31 million Americans experience lower-back pain. It is the single leading cause of disability, according to the Global Burden of Disease. Experts have made an estimate that 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Some have a more severe pain than others and they may feel a great deal of pain, preventing them to live and move about comfortably. For some people, it becomes a permanent issue, when other health problems come into play. For example, older people may have this problem or anyone who suffers from Scoliosis. Scoliosis is a physical issue where the spine is curved. People who have this experience severe back pain and doctors require them to do certain exercises to improve the problem. This issue usually occurs when someone hits their growth spurt. Sometimes, the exercises are just not enough and it results in a much-needed surgery. This type of surgery is extremely delicate and risky, as it has to do with the spine. Overall, back pain could be happening for a variety of reasons; It could happen from pulling a muscle, working out, menstruation for women, or a much deeper health problem.

What’s the reason for my back pain?

The back is constructed by bones, ligaments, joints, and muscles. As mentioned above, it is important to find the root of constant back pain. If you workout regularly, back muscle pain may occur. It could be happening for many different reasons. However, generally you could have strained a muscle or joint or even ruptured a disk, which ultimately causes back pain. Other health issues that should be considered for back pain is your levels of psychological stress, obesity, poor posture, or arthritis. Back pain may also result from a disease in your internal organs such as kidney stones or kidney infection. Typically, when someone has a kidney stone or infection, they feel a great deal of pain on the lower right or left side, because the stone is trying to pass through to the urinary tract and then released through the urine. The stone may take months to pass, which causes a regular back pain until the stone is released. All of these possibilities could be the root of your back muscle pain. Most people take pain killers to temporarily relieve the pain. Some could be completely fine with just taking Advil or Aleve, but others have to take a prescription painkiller in order to take the pain away completely.

Some Tips to Get Rid of Back Pain

Essentially, it is always good to exercise and have some sort of a physical activity. It is not recommended to be inactive when you’re having back pain because of the blood circulation. Stretching on a daily basis could help reduce the amount of pain, as well as maintaining an upright posture. Find a mattress that supports your back. A mattress with medium firmness should be fine. If you’re a smoker, unfortunately this could impair blood flow, which eventually leads to nutrition deprivation to your spinal tissues. Although, these are some great tips to consider, always speak to your chiropractor to see what the root of the problem may be about so you can try and fix it accordingly. Also, if you’re job requires you to sit for long periods of time, try to get up and move around from time to time when you get a chance. It’s better to stand rather than sitting down sometimes. Back muscle pains could be a result of any simple movement or stress, so sometimes the problem is not as serious, as it may feel. So, remember, everyone’s body is different. Speak to your chiropractor to help you find the best solution for you and your body.

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Feeling Muscle Pain? Here’s the Solution
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