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Fat Acceptance from Someone Who's Overweight

Is being overweight okay?

Image from Berkeley Wellness

As a 30-year-old woman, I've come to realize some things in this adult life I've been given. One of those things I realized is that spending my time stressing about my body was not healthy for me. The second thing was that not caring about my body was not healthy for me. 

I don't like being overweight, and I've struggled with it my whole life. When I was 13, I was a size 14. At 16-years-old I was a size 16 in jeans. When I turned 25, I was a size 18 and by the time I reached 28, I was a size 22. 

What contributed to all this? Food mostly. Let's be honest. I don't eat a gazillion calories a day, but you really don't have to in order to gain weight. You just have to eat the wrong things. Repetition is my worst enemy. I am now a size 22-24 and I kind of float in between those two sizes depending on the brand. 

Some things have not changed. I've always had thicker ankles, even when I was a size 14. Standard boot calf width never fit me. My bra size is still large. I am currently a 44G and that isn't even the largest size. 

Am I happy? Yes, I am happy in general terms. I have a great life, awesome family, amazing love life, and confidence in my daily life. I do struggle with my body image. I fail to see myself as pretty or beautiful sometimes. While I don't wish for a super skinny body, I do know I'd be happier if I was the size I was when I was 20. I would happily float between a 16-18 if I could. 

What I didn't know was how hard losing weight would be when I got older, how jean brands would not have a standard size, and how mentally frustrating it would be to find clothes not just for my size, but also my body type. 

I have an hourglass figure. My waist is generally smaller than the rest of me. Go figure. This makes clothing shopping ten times worse. A lot of plus size jeans are usually pretty straight up and down. There aren't curves. This makes it dually frustrating for me, because it means I have to size up to gain space where I need it, and in turn deal with extra fabric I don't need. Or in worse case scenarios, I have the pull-up-pants-all-the-time syndrome. This is all because my waist is smaller. 

Is it okay to be overweight? Yes, but know there are consequences. I have implemented a better eating regimen in my life. Less deep fried foods, more vegetables and leaner meats. I cut soda pop completely out of my diet and felt 100 times better after I did. I started drinking sparkling water, iced tea, and regular water. I have always loved salads, but had to make some sacrifices there too. You know ranch dressing? Yeah, we're friends. Well, now we get to be "buddies" as in, see you sometime next month, buddy. I started reading the calories on the backs of foods. 

OMG mind blown. It's always been there, I've just never read them, except when I was challenged about the ingredients. LOL. 

My point is, being overweight is something that can and should be changed. There is no such thing as "thick boned." For all you youngsters out there, that used to be a term to describe an overweight person. It's got nothing to do with bones or genetics. I found Natural Garcinia Cambogia very helpful and take it still.

While I'm constantly working towards gaining muscle and losing weight, I never forget that I am still beautiful and I am still loved. Don't lose weight because you NEED to be skinny. Lose weight because you'll feel better, and you will add years to your life. Play basketball, throw a ball, swim, walk, dance—do anything you want, but get up and get moving.

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Fat Acceptance from Someone Who's Overweight
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