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Exercise Challenge (Part 2)

Days Five to Nine


So the next four days are done and gone. I am feeling very sore now. Because of my decision to weigh in only once a month, I won't know if the muscular pain and physical fatigue is paying off until February third, but here's to hoping! Here is what I did from the fifth to the ninth (today). I am sharing the URL for the live videos I did on Facebook. I don't know if you will be able to click the link, or even view the video if we are not friends, but I thought it might be nice to try anyway, so here we go...

Day Five of 365 Days of Exercise Challenge

Today is all about stretching out the muscles from the week. I'm going to have wrestling in the background because that is what's on my TV lol.

A lot of the stretches I did are ones that we do in swim class to stretch the legs, shoulders and arms.

Day Six of 365 Days of Exercise Challenge...

Today is going to be all about movement, with nothing specific in mind. I could dance, stretch, do some aerobics...we shall see what comes to me.

There were a couple of videos to this day so here is one of them...

Day Seven of 365 Days of Exercise Challenge

Today I went to the YMCA and walked the track then soaked my achy body in the hot tub. I did a total of six laps around the track, which equals just about half a mile.

Unfortunately, the hot tub was just a temporary fix. By the time I got home I was aching again. Thankfully, I am full of determination and am too stubborn to give up. Though, I don't know whether or not that is a good thing in a situation like this!

Day Eight of 365 Days of Exercise

Today I am dancing to Taylor Swifts "Shake It Off" and Kenny Loggins "Footloose." I don't own the rights to either of these songs. I will be dancing with a very special dance partner tonight. My one-year-old grand son, Levi!

Dancing with a one-year-old is a workout in itself! It is definitely harder than I remember it being when my girls were that small! However, we pulled it off and danced to both songs, even with all of his wiggling! We danced with him in my arms, on my shoulders, on the floor and in a chair! I used to dance with my girls when they were infants and they never wiggled that bad!

Day Nine of 365 Days of Exercise Challenge

Today I am going to count playing with my grandson and walking around the store as my exercise—simply because my body is aching everywhere!! I put in a total of 1,345 steps. Sorry there are no pictures or videos for today. For play with my grandson, we played "catch me if you can" where he toddles around the house and I follow saying, "I'm gonna get you." He laughs, I laugh and we both exercise!

After nine straight days of exercise, my body is sore and tired! But I am feeling good about myself!! And then...

It has been brought to my attention, by my husband, that I might be slightly overdoing it by not giving myself a day to rest. So, I have decided that from here on out, Sundays will be my day off from exercising. I will still do normal, every day things like cleaning the house, shopping, etc... but strenuous exercise (strenuous for me that is) will be off the table for those days. I don't want to hurt myself trying to do too much and do more damage than good. I hope you all do the same. Give yourself a day to rest.

Here is to healthy movement and happier lives! Blessings to you all!