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EOS: Fun Flavored Lip Balm Spheres

EOS makes uniquely shaped lip balms in non-standard flavors. These lip balms are good for your lips and light on your wallet.

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is a company that makes unique sphere-shaped lip balms. These lip balms are unique due to their ball shape and are easy to find when thrown into your purse or backpack. Not only do these lip balms have unique packaging, but they also come in many non-standard flavors.

Sphere shaped lip balms are taking the world by storm and EOS is the first company to make this interesting product. EOS lip balms spheres come in three different versions,  which include organic smooth, visibly soft and a shimmery version.

The first version of these lip balms comes in a solid colored sphere and is called organic smooth. The organic smooth version is all natural and contains shea butter and vitamin e. This lip balm is also free of gluten, petroleum, paraben, and phthalate. Blueberry acai, passion fruit, sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, summer fruit, pomegranate raspberry, and honeysuckle honeydew are the flavors that this lip balm is available in. These are priced at $3.29 each.

Strawberry sorbet has a sweet freshly picked strawberry flavor to it. This lip balm has a sweet fruit scent and reminds me of summer.

Honeysuckle honeydew smells like a combination of freshly cut melon and a blossoming honeysuckle bush. This scent is very sweet and has a fruity floral smell to it. This is one of my favorite lip balms by EOS. The smell is unique, but it is also pleasant.

EOS lip balm is also available in a sphere with swirled looking packaging. This version of the popular lip balm is called visibly soft. This formula is designed to make your lips soft and contains natural conditioning oils vitamin c and e, as well as shea butter. The blue package is vanilla mint, the pink is coconut milk, and the purple packaged one is blackberry nectar. These are priced at $3.29 each.

Blackberry nectar smells like fresh blackberries. This is my favorite scent out of this series. I also am in love with the purple swirled looking packaging. It reminds me of a uniquely decorated easter egg.

EOS also comes in a shimmery version that adds a hint of color to your lips. This version comes in two shades which include sheer pink or pearl. These come in black packaging. What I enjoy about the shimmery version is they give light shine and shimmer to your lips. These lip balms are moisturizing and also look really pretty and natural on. These are perfect for a light makeup day or for those that don't wear much makeup and are going for the natural look. I am in love with the black packaging as well. These are priced at $5.49 each.

I am in love with the sheer pink shade of this lip balm. It gives a slight shimmer to lips and is natural looking. This shade is very light and would look great on a variety of different skin tones.

I enjoy how moisturizing this lip balm is and also the natural ingredients it contains. The sphere shape is unique to these lip balms but does help when it comes to locating the lip balm in your purse. I really like the bright colors of the packaging and all the fun flavors these lip balms come in. The design of the lip balm fits nicely in your hand and feels very ergonomic. 

If you are a fan of non-standard flavors and love lip balm, be sure to check EOS lip balm spheres out. These lip balm balls are inexpensive and come in a variety of flavors. EOS lip balm also contains natural ingredients and will improve the condition of your lips. 

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my other articles such as Music Lists and Shopping/Product Reviews

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EOS: Fun Flavored Lip Balm Spheres
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