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Energy Healing

Theta Healing

I have experienced Theta healer from a healer who used to help me with practically keeping me stable as well as from experiencing medication side effects. Theta healing helps with chronic pain, such as that from my fingers because my fingers are a sight for my lancets in order to draw blood. Theta healing is about reprogramming basic beliefs, which the client keeps in their subconscious. My basic belief is: I will never get a job because of my disability, and my knee injury isn’t making this belief any easier to keep around. You see, I’ve managed to do away with this belief since I’m looking for a job that values me.

Although at times, during dark moments, my deep-seated, deep-brainwashing beliefs can strike me down. When the healer goes into Theta, you go into theta. That much I remember from sessions with my healer. Somehow my site areas healed faster. She did teach me how to do my Theta healing for myself, in a very basic manner. Theta healing is about having a willingness to change, I had to work the better part of these last two years, to heal myself from my negative attitude.

I want to study Theta healing in order to fix myself. There are many ways to improve your life with energy medicine. Theta healing can bless medication so you have fewer side effects. You can supposedly heal physical conditions and disease with Theta Healing. Theta healing is about transforming belief systems. Sometimes that is difficult for mentally ill people despite having treatment. Thinking catastrophe into being is our nature. Therapy helps us work on ourselves. Theta healing is 30 to 90 highly effective minutes. Drinking water before a session is a requirement along with having doubts about the Theta healing techniques’ effectiveness.

There are many courses out there about Theta Healing. Theta healing is different from Reiki in that Reiki is a gentle way of getting your inner strength mojo back. Reiki heals the chakras by helping them to regain their balance. Chakra healing removes blockages while realigning the chakras by making them functional again. Reiki healing can incorporate the use of color healing, food and sound therapy, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, exercises, yoga, and meditation, although it is best to go to a healer with certificates to realign your chakras

Reiki has symbols, which can be drawn on your hand or called up in your mind’s eye. I have trouble with remembering the very complicated third symbol, Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen, but I can use level three symbols by now. The symbols are a link to higher consciousness if you will. Theta healing works very well for those having a chronic illness such as diabetes, migraines, asthma, muscle or ligament damage, burns or even broken bones. Theta healing also heals emotions because the Theta wavelength of energy helps to let go of resentment. Theta healing works on my type 1-diabetes very well. Theta healing works on addictions like tobacco, or alcohol. I had already kicked my alcoholism when I tried Theta healing.

Theta healing helps with conscious and unconscious beliefs in the electromagnetic field. “Muscle testing” comes in with Theta healing because you get to the core beliefs this way. Theta healers need to have experience in order to help you with whatever beliefs you want to cure. Reiki’s rebalancing of the chakras can help you feel better. Reiki starts the healing process by making symbols, checking the aura for blocks, and getting to perform the actual healing. You have to experience the strength in various healing modalities. I know more about Reiki healing than I do about Theta healing, having experienced enough Theta healing to have some interest in the field. Theta healing is awesome for chronic illness since with type-1 diabetes you have to do continual damage to your skin in order to get a blood sample. My fingers were never as functional while having a Theta healer in my life.

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