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Easily Bored? This Is What You Should Focus on While Jogging

Mindful running should be your goal. Read on to find out how.

No matter how motivated you are, and how determined you are to make running an integral part of your life, you’re going to become bored with your regular run. Jogging down the same road, passing the same sights, and perhaps even listening to the same music can get tiring after a while. You may think it won’t when you first start out, but try keeping the momentum going for months or years. Anyone would struggle with that.

To help with this struggle, we have put together a list of ways you can shake things up, and change your focus as you jog to keep this workout exciting.

Take a new route.

Your current route is comfortable. You know how long it is, and how much time it takes to run it, and that is part of the problem. You have seen all those sights already along your current route, and you need to try something different. You may want to map out some other routes ahead of time, using Google Maps, or a jogging app. You can choose a route that is a similar length to change things up, and run either a longer or shorter path. Seeing new sights will make a big difference, refreshing your mind, and stimulating your thought processes. You may tend to zone out while looking at the same buildings, trees and people when you run your normal route, but all that changes when you take a different way.

Bring a jogging buddy.

If you have someone run with you, then you will not feel so bored. You can talk some of the time, perhaps on the slower parts of the run, or when you stop for a rest. Your jogging buddy also keeps you consistent and accountable, as they will be coordinating with you when to run, and where to run. As you work toward any lifestyle goal, accountability is your best friend. It keeps you on track, and ensures that you stay motivated. There are tons of reasons why to bring a jogging buddy with you, and every person will have their own reason.

Get into a rhythm.

Some people get bored when they run because their mind wanders. They can’t stay focused, and they start thinking about all the things they wish they were doing instead of jogging. The best way to avoid this is to establish a rhythm for your steps or breathing or both. You can coordinate your breaths and steps, so that you do something like three steps for every breath in, and three steps for every breath out. You can count up to 100 to track your breaths, and feel like you are making some progress. Once you hit 100, or whatever number you set for yourself, you can start over, and you will get that constant feeling of making progress. You will also be able to stay focused on your jog better. There are lots of ways you can incorporate counting into your running.

Get to the races.

Not all of your jogging has to be done around your home, on your way to work, or in the local park. You can enter a race in your area of the country, and participate with a number of other runners to get in some exercise, and shake up your routine in a tremendous way. Adding that competitive quality to the running may not be something that you can do all the time, but it will sure make things more exciting, and perhaps motivate you to keep on running in the weeks following. If you can do a race every so often, then that can give you something to prepare for, and stay focused on as you do your daily and weekly running.

Before you enter the race, though, be sure that you have the proper gear. Your shoes, shorts, and shirt all play important roles in keeping you comfortable, and allowing you to do your best. Use resources such as Jogging Addiction to figure out what gear will work best for you.

Focus on your form.

Any running professional will tell you that your form is a key part of getting the most out your jogging. The way you hold your arms, take your strides, tilt your head, and arch your back all contribute to good running technique. They also contribute to muscle development, and how you feel after a run. Even if you have been running for years, and think you know it all, it’s a good idea to check with the pros to see how you are supposed to be running.

When you focus on your form as you run, and think about the way you are holding your body, then you won’t be so bored, and you will feel like you have something to keep you occupied.


Jogging may become tedious over time, but it doesn’t have to feel that way. Try a few of these, and come up with your own methods to keep things exciting, and keep running for your health.

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Easily Bored? This Is What You Should Focus on While Jogging
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