Dieting — Going it Alone

My Weight Loss Struggle and Determination

Recently my colleagues at work started going to "fat club" (as they refer to it). I refuse to pay money to go and be weighed on a weekly basis when I have a perfectly good set of scales in my bathroom. I know, I know, you're all going to tell me it's about the support from others who are doing the same thing but for me, that won't work. I know how my mind thinks and I will just get frustrated with myself if I don't lose but the person next to me does. 

I am 22-years-old and I am overweight. We won't go into numbers but I want to lose around half my body weight as I feel I might then be happy with how I look and who I am. 

I suffer with depression and anxiety, which is fueled by how I feel about myself as a person and my appearance, which is another reason why I want to lose weight. I have always been big since I can remember, so I know it's going to be hard but I am damn sure going to give it the best possible chance this time. I've tried fad diets before and they have never worked. I've had medication from the doctors to help the weight loss. These failed me and just made me ill. Never lost a pound by using them. I have an ever hectic work life, which is also something that prevents me from signing up to regular meetings and by the time I finish work, it's either too late or I'm too exhausted to go to the gym. I love my job but it does get in the way sometimes. 

Back to the eating, I have been following the ethics of Slimming World to help me lose weight this time. I have gone on the path of a maximum of 15 syns a day which I have mostly stuck to. I have cut out takeaways and fast food. I am only drinking zero sugar fizzy drinks if I am bored of drinking water. I've stopped having sugar in my tea as well. 


I love to cook. It's a passion that I unfortunately don't get a lot of time to do but, when I do, I feel great. I have been making food from scratch as part of the Slimming World diet. My partner will eat the food I cook and has stated that he wants to lose weight but won't cut out the things that are bad for him (chocolate and energy drinks).

I like being able to experiment with fruit and vegetables to go with my dinners now and trying new things. 

Syn Free Stroganoff

Syn Free Cheeseburger Quiche

Syn Free Thai Fishcakes

Syn Free Hunters Chicken

Bacon, Scrambled Egg and Homemade Hash Browns, a Perfect Syn Free Breakfast.

All visible fat cut off the bacon, cooked with fry light, eggs scrambled (no milk added) cooked using fry light. Has browns made with grated potato and onion then cooked in waffle maker

The above photos are of the Slimming World meals I have cooked while on days off, apart from the fish cakes which I made while at work which went down well with all. 

What I love about following this diet plan is that I still get to eat the meals that I love, but I get to make them healthy and hopefully will be able to lose weight in the process.

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Dieting — Going it Alone