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Crystal Cleansing: Earth

✨How to Use the Earth to Cleanse Your Crystals✨

✨While using natural light is possibly one of the more simplistic methods of cleansing crystals for a beginner to master, it might not be completely perfect for you. If you find yourself gravitating towards more ‘hands on’ and practices, using the natural world around us might suit you better. The element of Earth is everywhere, regardless of whether you reside in a cottage in the country, or live in an apartment in the city. Nature can be found and celebrated wherever you are, and the responsibility of taking care of a garden (or house plants) can be a deeply satisfying and healthy feeling.

✨Below are a number of ways you can use the naturalistic world around you to cleanse your crystals in your spiritual practices. Not all crystals are content with these methods, so remember to consult any books or websites you have at your disposal to discern whether cleansing your crystals this way is safe for you and them. Of course, you can modify your practices any way that suits you; if you are called to heal your crystals in an alternate manner, go ahead. You know your crystals and what they need the most.


✨Using Earth in your practices can be extremely beneficial, bestowing your stones with grounding energy as well as cleansing them. This can be done by burying your crystals under the soil, such as in a plant pot or in the ground itself. It's helpful to leave your gems outside long enough to experience a range of weather, from sunshine to snow and storms. I’d recommend keeping your crystals under the earth for an entire season, though make sure you place markers in the soil so you don’t lose them.

✨You can also use flowers to help you in your practices, surrounding your crystals with them. Your gemstones can be placed inside flowers or you can get a little creative and do things such as burying your crystals under flower petals to cleanse them. Typically, it doesn’t matter which flower petals you use as they all heal and cleanse your crystals. You can, however, pair your crystals with complimenting flowers: an example of this would be placing calming stones such as Aquamarine or Kyanite with Lavender petals which are used for relaxation. In this instance, the peaceful effects that these stones and flowers have would be amplified when used together.


✨Smudging and using herbs can be very effective in terms of cleansing your crystals. You can use your own herbs, ones you have collected in the wild or some that you've bought. If you're unsure about how to create your own smudging stick, you can buy pre-made bundles of herbs. You can also use incense or candles if you prefer, the practice when using these is often very similar. 

✨Typically, the herbs are set alight then blown out, and the smoke produced is run over your crystals. As the smoke flows over the crystals, negativity is washed away and the crystals are brought to their natural state. 

✨If you're using candle flame, speed is necessary as you don’t want to damage or darken your gemstones. All you need to do is pass each of your stones through the flame one at a time. Often Smudging like this is not exclusive to cleansing your crystals, this method can be used to cleanse many things—including your living space. When choosing what to smudge your crystals with, please avoid using White Sage as it’s a protected plant due to over-harvesting, and make sure that you have proper ventilation when you cleanse your crystals using any of these methods.


✨There are a number of gemstones which have the ability to cleanse other crystals. These are Citrine, Carnelian, and Clear Quartz Clusters.

✨Each of these can be used to cleanse any one of your stones, as long as the stone in need of cleansing is smaller than your chosen cluster.

✨This practice can be done in many different ways, such as placing the crystals that need to be cleansed on top of your crystal cluster or waving a crystalline wand over your stones. When placing your depleted gemstones on top of a cleansing cluster, make sure keep these crystals connected for the whole day to maximise their potential and make sure that your crystal is fully charged. 

✨You can use a cleansing plate in the same way as your clusters, though keep in mind that crystals or crystalline tools with the power to charge others need to be cleansed from time to time themselves, just like any other crystal.

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