Commit to You

Turning the Page to the Next Chapter of Your Life

Part II - The New Chapter of YOU

You are not obligated to stay the same, to fit into the expectations and molds of other's eyes.

How you are perceived is not of things that matter, weigh in truth or speak to the heart.

We live in a society so ingrained with the dogmatic belief that in order to succeed you must fit inside a standardized system, which is essentially a box, for you to fit into the norm. A “norm” that is also determined by a particular society or culture. A concept which fluctuates over time. 

If you follow along, you will be accepted because you have played by the rules. If you do, you are told that you will be happy, all your wants and needs will be fulfilled… and yet so many people are feeling more displaced and dissatisfied than ever before. How can this be? Didn’t you do everything you have been told based on beliefs ingrained in you since childhood? So what happened? 

Their voices hooked your beliefs, caused doubt, fear, and apprehension because you became worried about what others would think. Seeking validation and approval became the front burners of your attention, whether they were things that mattered to you or not. It felt comfortable and safe to play the game, until playing the game wasn’t fun anymore…

They say a great many things, wise ones, and yet the wisest is that authentic voice that speaks within, the echo of a bell that rings truth. The voice that when listened to brings you peace, keeps you grounded, balanced, in awe and appreciation for all facets of life, without judgement, without pride and ego, the stillness—softness—innocence of a child. 

It brings its own comfort. It's own reminder of safety—tending to yourself. You must greet the deepest shadows of yourself and stop hiding. When you explore the depths of your soul, a deep ocean of undiscovered treasures and beasts that lurk in the darkest blues, you discover they are only as scary as you perceive them to be. They are your judgements and fears. They are natural parts of self, but the more you repress them, the more they squeak out of the cracks in your foundation. 

This is where you start. At the foundation that was built on false beliefs. The foundation that masked the truth like the closet that hides the “flaws” that deny your right to simply exist. Knowing where you are, discovering where you want to go, opens the doors and breaks down the walls. 

You must accept that every molecule of your being is beautiful and perfect just as it is right in this moment. No matter where you are, or what mistakes you feel you have made or are making, right now is an amazing moment because you are acknowledging yourself. 

You are stepping into awareness, releasing the curtain, and believing in your power. 

Wow. What an amazing step for you because if you are reading this now, your higher self has guided you to information you needed to hear at this very moment. You are taking the steps back to you. 

So now that you’ve reached this point, sit with this and just breathe. You are home. You are safe. You are ok. All the fragments of the story you’ve created before is ready to change. The process of becoming you is like renovating your house without paying anything. Yay!

So take a moment to appreciate all you have already done and accomplished. 

Every step, every chapter without labeling anything as good or bad. 

Say, "I am grateful for all the wonderful learning opportunities I have been given. I am blessed by all the people who have come and gone in my life. I am thankful for every new day, that I get to wake up and have a positive effect on someone else’s life." This pause is like stuffing a bookmark into the close of a chapter. 

Our lives are like books. Each chapter is a chance to start something new. Before we begin something new, we must be willing to let go of the old, for when we shift, some things must fall away. It is neither good or bad, it just is. Be willing to trust and have faith in this new chapter, this Part II of You.

Honor all of Part I, the you that has come before, the you that has endured; reflect on it, embrace it and when you are ready, with a deep breath, let it go… and set sail on this new journey.

With faith, trust, gratitude and belief in yourself, it will no longer matter how others perceive you. You’ll be free.

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