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Citronella Essential Oil

Common Information on Citronella Essential Oil, How I Use It, and What to Blend It With

One of my favorite products is essential oils. I have been using them in various different ways for a few years now, mainly topically and inhaling the scents as aromatherapy. I also diffuse them, add them to beauty products, and dilute them to create a two in one air freshener and organic surface cleaner. 

There always seems to be a citrus scent in my rotation of oils at all times. Quite recently, I serendipitously stumbled upon citronella in my local fresh thyme.

Citronella, along with other citrus oils, are known to have an uplifting effect on moods and can be a holistic way to fight depression, anxiety, and general negativity. This is why I will never be without it again; citronella instantly cleanses and clears your mind and replaces any negativity with feelings of happiness, focus, and hope.

It is also known to fight infections and work as an anti-inflammatory in the urinary tract and in the digestive system, while also protecting these system(s) from sepsis. Citronella also acts as a healing agent on the internal damage caused by heavy drinking and hard drug use, such as heavy narcotics.

Not only is citronella good for those of us struggling with depression and mood disorders, the aging generation, and those withdrawing from addictions, but it is also a great use in small quantities in beauty products and soaps, as it is a natural deodorizer. Please always use a carrier oil when using citronella, as it is a very concentrated and acidic oil that can cause rashes and irritation if used on the skin directly or in large quantities. Be mindful of your skin while considering this in a natural deodorant, citronella is said to eliminate toxins by increasing perspiration and absorbing odor.

The most common way that citronella has been commercially used is in insect repellant, making this a great oil for anyone who enjoys hiking or camping. This oil is also said to kill worms and parasites. I would personally check with a doctor or health care professional before treating myself for anything, but have experienced parasitic energy and relationships have fallen away since using citronella regularly.

My favorite way to use any oil is to apply it topically or inhale the scent from my hands. Citronella is a potent scent, and because of this, a little goes a long way. I also tend to prefer to blend citronella with a sweeter citrus oil such as orange or grapefruit to cut the potency. Currently, I have it in a rollerball with organic rose-hip oil as a carrier and have blended it with bergamot and orange oil. I have experienced an increase in focus and energy, while also experiencing happier moods since working with it.

Citronella works well—as does lemon—in natural room sprays and surface cleaners. Dilute a few drops of either in a spray bottle with water and I, personally, like to add a couple drops of alcohol for room sprays and/or vinegar for cleaners. It cleans surfaces just as well as harsh chemical-based products and is less harsh on sensitive skin and respiratory systems.

Other oils to consider when working with citronella are: other citrus oils (lemon, orange, etc.), cedar-wood, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, and tea tree oil (another personal favorite I like to keep on me). Always remember to use a carrier oil when applying topically, and never ingest your oils.

I want to close by inviting you to share your experience and knowledge of essential oils in the comments. What oils are you using? What are your favorite oils and brands? Why?

Until next time,

- Ashley Jae

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Citronella Essential Oil
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