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Channeling Methods I Can Put Up With

Channeling Methods I Can Stand

Losing myself to one entity is not my thing. I’m a trance medium, but I do not want to let just any entity take over my body. I think I would rather do the whole channeling my higher self without being taken over. An intuitive hunch about what could or should be done is a way of trance channeling without letting another entity take over. From Edgar Cayce, On Channeling Your Higher Self. Your intuition is part of your guardian angel communicating with you. I tend to listen to this angel a lot having lived by myself two years while retaining my medication consistency. When you channel, you connect to the superconscious, something I need to do around other people.

In meditation, superconsciousness is known as reaching a point where you feel fully calm, as well as a flow of ideas such as for writing, art, poetry, and science. I’ve quit my regular meditation practice since I injured my knee from a kneecap dislocation and a fractured tibia two years ago. I can access my superconscious fairly easily, this is how I write most of the time anyway. I couldn’t cross my legs, I’d try to meditate while lying in bed, but that doesn’t work. I eventually quit my practice altogether. I feel the need to get back to this practice. My knee injury happened when I was about to start working. It might have been a medication side effect. I was on a higher dose when I fractured my tibia, but I also had low calcium I was unaware of. Channeling deities is really easy, but I only dare do that with my pagan friends around, in the safe context of a coven. I can’t, ever, do that drawing down a God thing into myself by myself.

Gifted people like me have access to the superconsciousness or universal consciousness. In large part, this access ability of mine is how I write, plain and simple. I maintain a connection with higher self to access the Akashic. I find what I want to say, fully formed in that concept. My higher self is able to put together what I need fairly quickly. This process means I edit less. I have to be really careful with channeling since Edgar Cayce warned you might unlock unhealthy voices that do not have your best intention in mind. Yes, schizophrenia is also about hearing voices that jeer and taunt you even as you are trying to get something done like writing. There are a lot of bad memories and juju stored in my subconscious. Every time I have ever been abused is in there. It rattles around, but I cannot write about this on my own just yet. My dreams aren’t nightmares though, not for the past two years.

Meditation must be treated with care since you can’t really harbor negative thoughts when you are trying to manifest something. This is why I take my medication since depressive tendencies rob you of the ability to think of anything good for yourself.

Do not trance channel with the intent of substituting your personality. Higher self can be channeled, not personality. Self-acceptance can grow with self-esteem. I, however, feel I need therapy as I practice this with the guidance of a skilled therapist I pay for. As it is, with my finances the way they are, I can’t pay for therapy unless it is truly sliding scale. I can deal with my own demons, but that is something my family has trouble facing.


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Channeling Methods I Can Put Up With
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