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Celebrities Who Make Aging Look Easy

With age comes beauty is the motto for celebrities who make aging look easy.

Getting old is not easy. It sneaks up on you in the most surprising ways. You can't see with your glasses on, your joints creak when you climb the stairs, everything seems to hurt when you get out of bed in the morning. The process is arduous and we live in a society where the act of aging is frowned upon. 

Plastic surgery is at an all-time high because no one wants to look their age. Men and women alike, especially in the entertainment industry, are fighting against nature to keep everything smooth and tight. Hey guys, do you know what the alternative to getting older is? Be proud of your wrinkles, they are a badge of courage and experience. Be proud of your age, it means that you aren't dead.

Good genes and good luck are the key ingredients to getting old. You can't buy good health. Money can get you botox, but it can't give you the ability to be agile well into your 70s, 80s and 90s.

Here is a list of those famous folks that have been blessed with talent and old age. They are the perfect example of "aging gracefully." They continue to entertain us and make us want to be just like them-if, for no other reason, than they have been given the gift of reasonably good health. 

Jane Fonda

Born on December 21, 1937, Jane Fonda is the definition of a sexy, super senior citizen. She has worn many hats-wife, mother, actress, political activist, writer and model, to name a few. She has two Academy Awards under her belt and has starred in too many movies to name. 

In 1982, Fonda came out with The Jane Fonda Workout and she started an exercise, leotard wearing revolution. Everyone everywhere was working out with her. Fonda came out with 22 more videos over the next 13 years. Perhaps that is why she is in such great shape at her age!

Fonda, along with Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan created the Women's Media Center in 2005. This organization was created to bring attention to the female voice in the media. Using her celebrity to bring attention to various causes has been a big part of Fonda's identity.

Her most recent acting endeavor comes in the entertaining Netflix series, Grace and Frankie. Now in its third season, this show is worth watching and is an amazing showcase for actors in their 70s who have, thankfully, not been put out to pasture.

William Shatner

On March 22, 1931, Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise entered this world. His talent has been capturing audiences all over the planet for more years than he probably cares to remember. William Shatner has appeared in iconic television shows like T.J. Hooker and Boston Legal. His face has graced the big screen in classics like Miss Congeniality and his age has not slowed him down at all. 

Shatner's most recent endeavor is Better Late Than Never, a reality travel show, which also features other spunky seniors, namely Henry Winkler, Terry Bradshaw and George Forman. NBC had bought the remake rights of the South Korean series Grandpas Over Flowers  and turned it into this entertaining vehicle for the "older set." It isn't outer space, but Shatner has still got it! 

Martin Sheen

The former president of the United States of America on The West Wing, Martin Sheen currently appears in the Netflix comedy Grace and Frankie. Portraying Jane Fonda's gay ex-husband, he hasn't lost his ability to capture an audience. 

Born in Dayton, Ohio on August 3, 1940, Sheen's given name is Ramon Antonio Gerardo Estevez. In addition to all of his acting achievements, Sheen might always be best known as the father of the "winning" actor, Charlie Sheen. 

Betty White

Everybody loves Betty White. Her dimpled smile, sweet disposition and impeccable comedic timing has been winning the hearts of fans of all ages. This blonde dynamo was born on January 17, 1922 and she makes being in your 90s look easy and fun.

Her career started in the 1940s on the radio and she has just kept going. White has appeared in television shows ranging from The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Golden Girls and Hot in Cleveland. She has appeared on numerous games show, guest roles in soap operas and the occasional movie role.

White has clearly been given the gift of good genes and we are lucky she has!

George Foreman

Now appearing in the NBC travel reality series Better Late Than Never, Forman is living proof that you always have the ability to make lots and lots of money. He gave his name and some of his advice in creating the George Foreman Grill and has earned many, many millions of dollars-all while eating healthy.

Foreman is considered a youngster compared to some of the others on this list, he was born on January 10, 1949. This incredibly talented boxer has an Olympic gold medal under his belt and is a two-time heavyweight world champion. Foreman has exercised his acting chops in several roles over the years and we look forward to seeing what he will accomplish as he gets older.

Terry Bradshaw

This former NFL quarterback won four Super Bowl titles in six years. At the time, he was was the first quarterback to win three and four titles. He brought the Pittsburgh Steelers to eight AFC Central championships. In 1989, his first year of eligibility, Bradshaw was inducted into the Pro-Football Hall of Fame.

Born on September 2, 1948, Bradshaw is not one to sit still after retirement from football. He became a sports commentator and his face is recognized everywhere. Appearing in commercials, television show and movies, Bradshaw keeps active and out there. Currently he can be seen on the NBC travel-reality series Better Late Than Never.

Lily Tomlin

One of the greatest female comedians of our time, Tomlin began her career as a cast member on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In in 1970. As a main character in the Netflix series Grace and Frankie, she has already been nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Keep in mind, the show has only been on for two seasons-that is how awesome she is.

Joining us on September 1, 1939, this sassy senior won a Tony Award for Best Lead Actress for her role in The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe. This masterpiece was written by Tomlin's then partner, now wife, Jane Wagner and it was the perfect showcase for her.

Tomlin has appeared in numerous movies and television shows and we hope she is around for many more years to come so she can keep us laughing.

Henry Winkler

No matter where he goes or what he does, Henry Winkler will always and forever be known as "The Fonz." The Happy Days character, with his greased back, thick, black hair, leather jacket, thumbs up and bad boy image is as American as the flag. Even when he appears as another character, he is always known for that iconic role. Nothing wrong with that.

On October 30, 1945, Winkler entered this world in New York City. Though he suffered from dyslexia, he met the challenge successfully and became a world famous celebrity. He recently played the role of Eddie R. Lawson in USA Network's now-defunct series, Royal Pains

Winkler is also Bryce Dallas Howard's godfather. 

Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks is a legend. One of the few people to have won an Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Grammy, his talents are endless. Brooks is an actor, composer, comedian, director and was born in 1926; perhaps that is how he has had so much time to accomplish so much, or maybe it is because he is so darn talented. 

This Jewish genius began his career in the Catskills or "borscht belt" as it is lovingly referred to. He would hop around to various hotels and clubs performing his act. Fast forward to his spectacular movie career. Young Frankenstein, Spaceballs, Blazing Saddles are just a few gems. His 1968 released hit, The Producers, later became the hottest ticket on Broadway from 2001-2007.

Sam Waterston

This tall, handsome and talented actor is also a producer and director. Born on November 15, 1940, Waterston received a start on Hollywood's Walk of Fame in 2010 for a career that has spanned over 50 years. 

He is currently portraying Lily Tomlin's gay ex-husband on the Netflix series Grace and Frankie. Waterston has received numerous awards for his role as Jack McCoy on Law & Order and received and Academy Award nomination for his role in the 1984 film The Killing Fields.

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