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Causes of Tinnitus and Ways to Treat It

Doctors can actually hear sounds emanating inside the ear.

When people say they have a hearing problem, you might assume they mean they’re losing their hearing. But many people have another type of hearing problem that involves hearing persistent non-existent sounds. This is known as tinnitus. When people have subjective tinnitus, nobody else can hear the phantom sounds they’re being subjected to. Objective tinnitus is less common. When people have objective tinnitus, doctors can also hear the sounds emanating inside the ear.


20 percent of all people suffer from tinnitus. One way that tinnitus manifests itself is by producing the illusion of sounds inside the ears. The other common symptom is a ringing sound inside the ears. Other types of sounds that people may think they’re hearing including roaring, squealing or buzzing.

It isn’t just the type of sounds that can vary. Some people who develop tinnitus are plagued by persistent sounds that don’t stop. Others may have periods of relief between the return of the sounds. The volume may also vary. Some people hear sounds that are so loud, they find it impossible to focus on other things. They may not even be able to hear a person speaking to them because of the sounds inside their ears.


Many things can cause tinnitus. This is why it’s important to see a doctor because identifying the source of the problem will determine what kind of treatment will work.

Pharmaceutical Side Effects

Some drugs have adverse effects, and tinnitus can be caused by taking some prescription medications.

Structural Problems

You may have something physically wrong inside your ears that is causing tinnitus. One example is temporomandibular joint syndrome. People who suffer from TMJ may experience tinnitus because of that medical condition.

Foreign Objects

Different things that can get inside your ear can cause tinnitus. Too much earwax is one potential cause. Another possibility is that calcium deposits have built up on your ear bone. It can also be the by-product of a cyst or tumor inside your ear.


Being exposed to different things can cause tinnitus. If you develop an ear infection, you may suffer from tinnitus as a result. You can also experience tinnitus after being exposed to loud sounds.

Old Age

Individuals can develop tinnitus as they age. The complication develops because of hearing loss.


Because of the wide range of causes of tinnitus, a number of different possible treatments are also available. Individuals who have a tumor or calcium buildup on the ear bone may have no choice but to undergo surgery to correct those issues while those with excessive earwax may need to have a medical professional flush their ears to remove the wax.

Medication may help some people. It can be prescribed to treat an ear infection, if that’s the cause of the tinnitus, or to treat the tinnitus directly. Therapy, hearing aids, and masking devices are all also used to treat tinnitus.

In some cases, individuals with tinnitus may be referred to other specialists to treat the suspected cause. A person with TMJ will usually need to see a dental specialist and may need to take medication or wear a mouth guard to address that problem. Other potential causes could mean that you need to see an ear or hearing specialist to be diagnosed and treated.

While some incidents of tinnitus may be resolved through treatment of the cause, others will find that their tinnitus can’t be eliminated with treatment. Those who have persistent symptoms can benefit from a tinnitus 911 review. This is an all-natural treatment that helps people who suffer from tinnitus find relief. Because not all tinnitus is caused by secondary issues that can be resolved, it’s important for those who have persistent ongoing tinnitus to have options for treating their symptoms effectively.

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Causes of Tinnitus and Ways to Treat It
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