Lighten up, health nut!

The Rule of Second Crappest

Jo Middleton
in Humor

I like to think that as a parent I have passed on a wealth of knowledge and experience, setting my children up to thrive as adults, make sound choices etc etc. In reality it’s likely that the only thi...

On Breath, Gravity, and Support

Carole Amend
in Humor

How many times have I thought to myself, "Next time, I’ll be more conscious"? Well, another next time is here. This time, it’s my doggie, Amber-girl, my 42-pound gift of sweetness. She’s gonna leave m...

Holy Crap I'm 40: Aerobic Edition

Banji Ganchrow
in Humor

There are some amazing looking women in their 40s. How do they do it? I know that it is important to keep moving, which is ironic because it gets so much easier to hurt yourself as you age. If I bend ...

Holy Crap I'm 40: Chanukah Presents Edition

Banji Ganchrow
in Humor

Things start to change at 40. Your boobs aren't where they used to be, your knees start to make noises they didn't before. You want to sleep late, but you can't because you need to pee. All really fun...

Funny Things That Only Happen to Yogis

Mackenzie Lu
in Humor

Yoga is so much more than just a workout - it’s a lifestyle. It changes you as a person—it contributes to your self-development and it improves your overall health. Through yoga you can meet your futu...

Most Commonly Believed Myths About Life

Danielle Banner
in Humor

Knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have, the more power you can obtain in your private and professional life. But what about the knowledge that you THINK you have. Sometimes, the facts that we...

Beauty Myths Debunked

Alicia Springer
in Humor

Your mother isn't always right. That being said, most of the tips your mom told you while you were growing up were actually beauty myths. But this problem is a lot bigger than motherly advice. Classic...

Funny Yoga Pick Up Lines

Jus L'amore
in Humor

For avid yogis, yoga can be a physical, mental, and spiritual experience which rivals the feelings you may have during sex, thanks to the release of those happy little endorphins. Since both intimacy ...