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Beauty In the Eye of the Beholder

Erica Lindsey
in Beauty

What is beauty? I'm sure that everyone has their own definition or standard of beauty. But, what do you consider beautiful when you look at yourself? Growing up, I never really considered myself a bea...

Mirror, Mirror

Sarah Sparks
in Beauty

I have a mission for you; a little exercise in self-confidence you might call it. Most women spend a significant portion of their day looking in a mirror and assessing themselves. Usually negatively. ...

F*ck Anxiety

Mikayla Appleby
in Beauty

Anxiety is one of those things where it invades every seemingly normal part of your life and makes it 100x more complicated. Simple tasks at work turn into emotionally stressful situations, easygoing ...

Living with an Eating Disorder

Travis sandifer
in Beauty

I'm 38 years old and live with an eating disorder. I weigh 105 at 5"6 and wear a size 1 in pants that, even after wearing them all day, they will sag. I can goes days without eating and not think twic...

Dear Drew

Madawna Bristow
in Beauty

Dear Drew, Like so many women my age (no I am not disclosing that information here), I spent my younger days consumed in agonizing adoration of you. You were the pinnacle of beauty, freedom, daisies a...

Picture Perfect Home Pedicures

Dora Bona
in Beauty

The seasons can be cruel to your feet. In winter, they're trussed up in boots and thick socks, never seeing the light of day. Then by the time winter’s over, the idea of swapping those boots for a pai...

Positive Emotional Effects of Body Fragrance

Teresa Stanishs
in Beauty

Fragrances are a woman's best friend. Women will want to make sure that they try out the different fragrances that are available until they find the one that will be best for them. Each woman's body t...

Why Your Skin Doesn't Need to Degenerate with Age

Emily Holland
in Beauty

Our skin is the largest organ and renews itself every 28 days while shedding 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells every minute. The health of our skin goes far beyond what we put on it but what state our ...

How to Grow Long, Healthy Hair

Charlotte Williams
in Beauty

If you've clicked on this article, then I'm assuming you want to grow your hair (and I sure hope I'm not wrong). For years I have been growing out my hair, and when I reached the length I'd longed for...

The Most Important Skincare Step: Serums

Emily Holland
in Beauty

Most cleansing routines look like this: remove your makeup with a cleanser. Exfoliated dead skin cells away and restore the pH balance with a toner. The chances are you're reaching for your moisturize...

Embracing Natural Beauty

Jacquelyn Miccolis
in Beauty

When it comes to my beauty routine I like to keep it simple, I believe that less in more and soon you will too! We are constantly being discouraged by the media to going out without makeup on. Celebri...

Containing The Taste Of The Sun, Asparagus Increases Libido

Marlene Affeld
in Beauty

Asparagus, also known as sparrow grass, aspharagos or spearage, is a favorite vegetable of many cultures around the world. In his popular book, “Stalking The Wild Asparagus,” renowned naturalist Euell...

You Don't Have to Live with Adult Acne

Kandii Kiss
in Beauty

If you are reading this, it's because you or someone you know is dealing with adult acne. It is such a downer to go through day to day life already stressed as is about work, rent, bills, etc. But now...

Acrylic Nails: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Gitana Deneff
in Beauty

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while because my journey with acrylics has been a bag of mixed feels. So let me start from the beginning. About a month or two ago, let’s just say I watched a l...

The Neglected Middle Child in This Pro-Fat & Pro-Skinny World—The Skinny Fat

Judy Mae
in Beauty

We are neither all ‘bout the bass, nor the treble.

Why I Wear My Hair Natural

Dawn Luna
in Beauty

My story starts at the tender age of twelve, when my mother took me into a salon for my first relaxer. Before, she had always done my hair herself. She would generally wash it in the kitchen sink, whi...