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Can "Shipping and Handling" Become a Provocative Means to Weight Loss?

Losing weight can be as easy as getting something delivered to a destination.

This is a mental thought exercise, meant to get you to think of your weight loss journey in a new way. 

Let's pretend that your personal trainer ordered a delivery to their home. The item that they ordered for delivery is a box with 20 pounds of your weight loss. 

Pretend that the only means to deliver this proverbial box of 20 pounds of your weight loss is by foot, and only you can deliver it. 

Let's pretend that the length of the shipping journey is 280 miles from door to door. Now, let's pretend that your personal trainer is willing to wait 100 days for this package to arrive. 

Everything else is up to you. The same as when you don't care if your Amazon delivery package is stuck at a particular station for a few hours, or only a few minutes, the personal trainer doesn't care how easy or hard it is for you to deliver yourself to their destination, so long as the right package is shipped and delivered on time.

You can walk 2.8 miles every single day...

You can rest for a few days a week, and splurge on a ten-mile excursion on foot. 

The rhyme and reason are completely up to you.

Now, here are a few tips...

There are some foods that will help accelerate your efforts and make it easier for you to get to your destination (that's the "handling" part...).

In contrast, there are some foods that will make it harder for you to walk/ jog/run your way to the destination. 

You can eat whatever you like, understanding that there are two columns of foods and actions that will help or deter you from delivering on time...

Column A: Foods and Actions that Accelerate

Column B: Foods and Actions that Inhibit

You can choose as much or as little from either of these columns...and every food and action that there is can be categorized into either of these columns...

For example: 

Where would you categorize "Portion Control?" 

Where would you categorize "Sit Ups?"

Where would you categorize "Yoga?"

Conversely, where would you categorize "Procrastination?"

Additionally, where would you categorize "McDonald's Milk Shake?"

Lastly, where would you categorize "Candy & Potato Chips?"

Every one of us innately knows that some things are good for us, and other things are not. If you stuff yourself with a large pie of pizza, a 2L of Coke, and a bunch of sugary snacks...your journey will absolutely be exhausting...and you will be moaning and groaning...so long as you are content with feeling the way you do during your walk/jog/run, you're fine.

In closing: Deliver yourself to the destination that you set for your short and long-term goals, and eat and perform however you like, with the understanding that when its time to be delivered to the destination (in this case, in 100 days,) ...that you will have walked the set out mileage (in this case 280 miles...,) and that you will have lost 20 pounds..."the shipment!"

It is possible to eat junk and lose weight. So long as you deliver yourself on time, you'll see results. 

Pro tip: Make sure that the factor is a minimum of 2.1 (210 miles in 100 days.)

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Can "Shipping and Handling" Become a Provocative Means to Weight Loss?
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