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Can Electronic Cigarettes Help Smokers Quit?

It is still a puzzle of whether electronic cigarettes can help smokers quit or not, and at what cost.

Electronic cigarettes now became the buzzword among smokers who are in the quest to get rid of their traditional nicotine addiction. Basically, electronic cigarettes are innovative products that are being used as smoking alternatives—despite some concerns from health professionals. A typical electronic cigarette is a bundle of different apparatus such as a heating element, mouthpiece, and battery; hence, instead of traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are equipped with cartridges filled with different flavors. These cigarettes are easily available in different sizes and surprisingly, one can easily find nicotine free cigarettes, as well.

Can Help Smokers Quit!

Different studies and research are already done that provide some insightful information about the product such as that electronic cigarettes can help smokers quit and it could be used as a useful tool to stop smoking. Some researcher from New Zealand and UK also discovered that the role of electronic cigarettes in a quit smoking marathon could be beneficial. The research also discovered that approximately 9 percent electronic cigarettes’ users quit smoking within one year and that percentage is much higher than those who used nicotine-free vape products. Despite this, the findings are not definitive as some University of London-based researcher argued that the study is just focused on less than a thousand smokers but authors of that study are confident that electronic cigarettes can help smokers quit. 

If You Are Part of the Cigarette-Less Notion

So, if you are a struggler and part of the cigarette-less notion, an electronic cigarette is for you with a wide range of e-cig accessories, vapor and e cigarettes, etc. And if you are searching for cheap e liquid, vape products, and e cigarettes, etc., you should know that there are lots of well-known online stores for e-cigarette sale.

Another study that is done by Boston University School of Public Health described that Electronic cigarettes are also safer than traditional tobacco products or cigarettes and for specific persons, these electronic cigarettes are the catalyst in their quitting smoking targets. Here, it should be noted that the survey covered 5,000 people who purchased vape products as a first-time buyer. More than 200 people revealed that vapor cigarettes helped them to stop smoking.

According to the Online News Portal, “... E-cigarettes are mainly being used to help people quit. Given half of long-term smokers die as a result of their habit, using vaping to help someone stop smoking could literally save their life. A new tobacco control plan was expected to be published last year. It is now well overdue and must be a priority for the new government." The chief executive of the anti-smoking charity Ash, Deborah Arnott, said: “One in two lifetime smokers will die from smoking-related disease, so a fall in smoking rates of this scale will save many thousands of lives in years to come. This proves that tobacco control policies work when they are part of a comprehensive strategy and are properly funded.”

An Evolving Technology

Electronic cigarettes are an evolving technology and there is dire need to keep analyzing e-cig accessories, vapor, and e-cigarettes, etc. and their different issues and aspects so that a candidate of the quit-smoking campaign could get updated and useful information. However, a bottom-line is that nicotine-less e-cigarette could be considered as an alternative to smoking and a tool that may help smokers quit. According to health professionals, “… E-cigarettes are not undermining quitting. Indeed, the evidence from England, where smoking prevalence is continuing to decline, is that e-cigarette use is associated with a higher rate of successful quit attempts by smokers.” However, as per the FDA (USA), “While fewer youth are using cigarettes and other combustible tobacco products, we must do more to address the disturbingly high number of youth who are using e-cigarettes and vaping products. We must not lose sight of the fact that for the past several years, e-cigarettes have been the most commonly used tobacco product among both middle and high school students.” Although there are not any serious side-effects logged in the short as well as midterm period, what long term data will reveal is still a big question.

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Can Electronic Cigarettes Help Smokers Quit?
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