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Caffeine and Sugar Addiction

Illnesses That Should Be Taken as Real

These addictions are the latest frontier in modern medicine as far as medicine is concerned. Caffeine addiction comes from a culture heavily saturated with caffeine and alcohol. Sugar addiction is the foundation for alcohol addiction in young children. If somebody is a sugar addict, they are susceptible to alcoholism in the future. All alcohol is fermented sugar after all. Caffeine addiction is something that has come about because of Starbucks being in every neighborhood. Sugar addiction has been present since the invention of sugar. 

Sugar was discovered when the Persians invaded India in 510 BC. Sugar found its way to England in 1099 AD. (Sucrose.com)

Sugar was available in London, at “two shillings a pound,” in 1310 AD. In the Caribbean, cane sugar was planted which was the beginning of a huge industry there. By 1750, there were 120 sugar refineries in Britain, while at this time, sugar was a luxury item. Sugar as an industry has become the candy we see in the store at checkout. Both caffeine and sugar give you a rush of alertness. It makes people wake up. The addiction is physiological in nature, which means it gives you a physical feeling that keeps you hooked, as bad as heroin or cocaine.

Sugar addiction is very real. Caffeine addiction comes from being exhausted from sleep deprivation. The victim has to keep up with caffeine intake since they don’t get enough sleep. Sleep is not a high priority for caffeine junkies. They talk fast because caffeine makes them manic. Sugar can be substituted for eating fruit. Stevia is a naturally sweet sugar substitute approved for use in the United States because it comes from a plant. It is mixed in with real sugar, making it less caloric than actual sugar.

Berries are also a good choice when it comes to managing sugar cravings. (Healthline.com) Dark chocolate is one food that some people go to when they are trying to eliminate sugar cravings or the use of sugar in their diet. Snack bars can be very high in both fat and sugar. Gum can only make sugar cravings worse, in my personal experience. I used to be a gum junkie. Gum isn’t necessarily good for you because it makes your body imagine it’s hungry. Legumes are also a great choice for cutting back on sugar cravings. Yogurt is another option that can help calm sugar cravings.

Sweet potatoes are another food that can help with sugar cravings, as sugar cravings are something that people who do not eat enough during the day deal with. Protein in the form of meat, chicken or fish can also help sugar cravings. Smoothies can also be a great way of reducing sugar cravings. I’ve used them before. I’ve managed to lose a lot of weight lately, going from 124 pounds to 112 pounds. I cut out my Chewy Chocolate Granola bar and that made me instantly lose weight. I’m only talking about situations I have been in myself because I use eggs as a high protein food that helps me avoid sugar cravings. Eggs can help you feel fuller, longer. Trail mix can work for sugar cravings because trail mix can be somewhat sweet but high in calories. Fermented foods like yogurt or sauerkraut can be used to create beneficial bacteria in the body. Whole grains like rice can leave you feeling full longer too. I have been eating rice lately, limiting my intake to one cup. 

Vegetables are necessary for the body as fiber. They can help you feel fuller, longer. Caffeine isn’t necessary for anybody’s diet in general. Caffeine can keep people lying awake, unable to sleep. 

This is why having too much of anything is bad for you.

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Caffeine and Sugar Addiction
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