Body, Brain, Mind, and Soul

Humanity is four parts.

Welcome to finding out what a life means, what a life can hold, what it means to hold morality, what it means to hold emotion, and whatever else encompasses ones entire being. Humankind is certainly unique; intelligence and wisdom to bend the future, crafty abilities to make a structure, building the body to break its limits. Humans have mastery over so much yet do not know where or how it occurred. It occurs within, only within, and the response is beautiful creation or intense destruction. It's what a human is at their core, intensely beautiful.

Psychologists, therapists, or any person that follows their inner self follow what the title says, at least in three parts. The body, the mind, and the soul. The body and soul cannot communicate, the mind is what allows translation. Physical sensations are entirely unique, the soul has no means in experiencing that sensation. In turn, the body cannot experience what the soul feels; what raw emotion and feeling can do. Being able to filter what is useful, too intense, too drab, the mind allows for near seamless interaction and understanding. It's where morality and contained emotions are stored. Taking the three parts and adding one more, the brain, might sound complex but it truly isn't.

In my philosophy, the body has mastery over muscle memory, fight or flight responses, knee jerk responses, and the ability to process the senses. The body is only good at one thing, being physical. A soul cannot interact with the physical world, except to interact with other souls. An unbound soul, so to say, has no idea what a physical thing is. The body has no idea how to exist without some type of grounding, it has rules to follow. To say the body and soul talk in different languages is to put it mildly.

The brain is the second part; it processes emotions to a safe level, it allows the electrical currents (synapses) to work our body mechanically, drugs made by the brain and chemicals made by the stomach are all tied to this perception. Morality exists here as well, though read in a way for the body to follow. The brain is the powerhouse, with the conscious being in full reign. The ability to do anything within the physical world is all captured by this process, giving us ideas of what is impossible or at least plausible. Someone who is wheelchair bound cannot jump well, but a basketball player can. That same basketball player, however, cannot be sedentary or he loses his career. The wheelchair person can do as he pleases with his brain, mind, and soul, however bound he might be. Just like losing a sense, the other parts of the philosophy strengthen each other.

The mind is the third part; it takes raw emotion and translates it. It listens to the soul and translates for the brain. Morality soundly exists here, as well as the subconscious and interpretation. Humans interpret different physical signs in a myriad of ways, the mind sorts it all to make the most sense. To know your mind is to know the role you are playing for yourself or someone else. The mind's eye, the third eye, is being attuned to yourself to see within, to see inner turmoil and happiness. It is overlooked, or simply meshed into the brain, but it is powerful entity to learn from.

The soul is the fourth, final, but no less important part. It's what allows humans to even exist. It's not filled with morality, it is filled with memories. Old memories, as old as time itself, hidden away, either forgotten because of the endless march, or because life itself isn't the same as it was. If life exists on different planets in the universe, only the soul can reach those places. When unbound, it has its own set of rules. A physical object can be traveled through, like a ghost. Time doesn't exist for a soul, it can move freely from one point to another. A soul is essentially a four dimensional thing, being forced into a third dimensional world. Emotions spring from the soul, trying to figure out what in the world it's doing. Constantly.

A soul is bound for up to 100 years, a human's life span. Does reincarnation exist with this line of thinking? In a way, it does, though it has no reason to work the way most people think. What other worlds exist for our soul to see or move through? We can never know, a soul cannot speak the body's language, nor would it give that information freely. Who has total control over these four processes? Not a single, living entity on this planet. It can never happen, but it doesn't stop me or anyone else from learning the limits of all four.

We are all unique, we all have a certain obligation to being alive right now. What that obligation is for the people reading this are, I haven't the slightest clue. My obligation is to bring knowledge in any form to as many people as I can. With a little bit of time and practice, even you can learn what you are to do.

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Body, Brain, Mind, and Soul
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