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Best Yoga Snapchats to Follow

Discover daily inspiration with the best yoga Snapchats social media has to offer. 

Today with our technology almost consuming our every moment it can be challenging finding time to be more mindful or healthy. Some of us try to join a gym or a yoga studio to release some of the tension built up due to our busy lives, but it can be disheartening, at times, when you are unmotivated. Recently there has been a surge of fitness gurus flooding social media willing to share their experiences and teach you their secrets to lead a successful, healthy, and mindful life. Since Snapchat's creation in 2012, Snapchat has introduced a space for anyone to share their stories and provide a glimpse into their personal lives. Many fitness and yoga experts hopped on the Snapchat train to help expand upon their messages of motivation, healthy eating, and encouragement. And with the increased interest Eastern philosophy and meditation but still living in the modern age, people are turning to Snapchat to gain further insight into these lifestyles. People who are intensely interested in yoga, maybe inexperienced, but are looking for tips of to start practicing or looking for encouragement or just simply looking for some how tos can look to these yoga Snapchats for inspiration and guidance. These tech savvy Yogis help others block out our world that is filled with constant noise and distraction while helping others lead more mindful lives. So if you think your yoga game isn't on point, take a peek into some of the lives of the most motivating yoga Snapchats social media has to offer and you will sure to be inspired!

Koya Webb

Image via KoyaWebb.com

Koya Webb is an internationally recognized holistic health and wellness coach, certified yoga instructor, author, motivational speaker, and professional fitness model helping revolutionize vegan cuisine, yoga, and holistic living. While she's not doing basically everything on the planet, she shares her experiences via Snapchat to motivate you to lead other to a healthier life!

Snapchat: koyawebb

Emily Skye

Image via Claudia Casanova

Over 9 million people around the world have turned to Emily Skye for motivation and fitness and workout instruction. Emily's Snapchat lets people see into her life and by showing her simple and effective methods in training she helps transform lives all over the Snapchat-iverse. 

Snapchat: emilyskyefit

Hannah Bronfman

Image via HB Fit

Hannah Bronfman is the creator of the wildly popular High-Intensity Interval Training, aka HIIT in New York City. Check out her Snapchat to see her doing hot yoga or take a sneak peek behind the scenes at Coachella when she's DJ'ing. Peep her Snapchat and try to keep up with this inspiring woman on the go!

Snapchat: hannahbgood

Rachel Brathen

Image via RachelBrathen.com

Former bad-girl and yoga sensation Rachel Brathen, aka Yoga Girl, attributes her success as a yoga teacher, her bimonthly retreats are always sold-out, to her vulnerability, something she shares within her classes. She strives to help others who struggled with pain and insecurities like she did before discovering meditation and yoga. Check out her Snaps to encourage and lift your spirits on the reg.

 Snapchat: rachel_brathen

Kino MacGregor

Image via Kinoyoga

Yoga teacher and author of three books Kino MacGregor's dharma is to help people experience the limitless potential of the human spirit through the inner tradition of yoga. In her various Snaps she shares her wisdom of yoga and wellness while promoting a holistic and modern approach to life.

Snapchat: kinoyga

Sasha Exeter

Image via Sosasha.com

In just over two years, Sasha Exeter has become a force to be reckoned with in the yoga/fitness lifestyle and fashion world. Sasha is most-known for her blog SoSasha.com and more recently for her Snapchat and Instagram. In her Snaps she shares her insight on wellbeing and helps others to reach their potential through healthy living.

Snapchat: sashaexeter

Cat Meffan

Image via Imperfect Matter

Jewelry designer, yoga and fitness blogger, and all around general wellness enthusiast, Cat Meffan is known for juggling a happy, healthy, and balanced life. Her popular Snapchat inspires so many people to lead a happy and healthy life. Checking on her Snaps will keep you encouraged as well as keeping up on her latest designs you can scoop up!

Snapchat: catmeffan

Kerri Verna

Image via Yoga.com

Kerri Verna has been a fitness instructor since 2002 and has taught pilates, kickboxing, tai chi, and yoga. Most known for her Instagram account @beachyogagirl, and with over 900,000 people that find inspiration, encouragement, and wisdom through Kerri's photos and words, she continues to spread her message of well being through Snapchat.

Snapchat: beachyogagirl

Nor Soraya Ghazalie

Image via lipstiq.com

Nor Soraya Ghazalie used to just run her own PR agency and by night she fit in as much yoga as possible but through simple and casual Instagram posting about yoga she quickly became an internet sensation with over 42,000 followers. She has expanded on with Snapchat to spread her knowledge and personal experience of yoga and wellness to help others feel encouraged and inspired.

Snapchat: norsoraya

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Best Yoga Snapchats to Follow
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