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Best Yoga Essentials

Every beginner yogi should start with the best yoga essentials.

What do a downward facing dog and a camel have in common? They are both poses that every yogi has mastered. Yet for beginners, these poses just sound like animals that have nothing to do with yoga. Choosing to take yoga classes is the first step in becoming more self-aware and adding more flexibility from head to toe. The second step is to get all the yoga essentials needed to take advantage of the classes you are attending and the health benefits of the practice. Once you've got the drive and the yoga essentials, the only thing stopping you from becoming a yogi, is that first deep breath in and long exhale out. 

Yoga Mat by Manduka

One of the first yoga essentials in any yogi's repertoire is, of course, a mat. Manduka mats have a lifetime guarantee that often doesn't need to be used because the mats are durable and dependable. If you plan to practice regularly, invest in a high-quality mat. Cheaper "sticky" mats tend to fall apart and shed yoga mat confetti all over the place. After wearing out two yoga mats during yoga teacher training, I treated myself to a sturdier mat as my reward for earning my certification. Manduka mats are lightweight yet sturdy--you won't need to layer a second mat under it as some people prefer to do with foam mats. Plus they come in a variety of fun colors!

Yoga Towel Mat by Youphoria

Yoga towel mats by Youphoria will help eliminate the slipping and sliding that many yogis experience when using a yoga mat on a wooden studio floor. With the added benefit of being a super absorbent towel, constructed from soft microfiber that wicks away moisture, it is the perfect accompaniment to any hot yoga studio. This towel is as large as a standard yoga mat to keep your mat dry and help you maintain proper alignment and poses while sweating or in a moist environment. Best of all, this towel is easily cleaned in your washing machine!

Yoga Bolster by Trevida

Every practice can be enhanced by the right yoga bolster. Whether your goal is to intensify your practice, bring certain poses within reach, adapt your practice to physical limitations, or simply relax and get a good stretch, there is a bolster for you. When shopping for a yoga bolster, the most important thing to think about is how you'll be using it. Whether you need to work on achieving a deeper forward bend or a more gentle chest opening, bolsters are an essential to perfect any move.

Yoga Straps by Fit Spirit

By using yoga straps by Fit Spirit, you'll easily and almost effortlessly increase your flexibility. Second, you'll gain strength through the support of the strap. Third, you will increase your balance. Most importantly you'll make progress if you are using these for yogic purposes. There is a pose called Natarajasana - one most often skipped by beginners because of its difficulty. With the aid of this yoga strap you can easily do it. Not only will you now be able to achieve the benefits of certain poses and stretches that previously eluded you, you will do so with the proper form and technique.

Yoga Blocks by Peace Yoga

Bend with confidence! Yoga blocks by Peace Yoga will be a great practice partner when you need a little extra stability and a must have yoga essential. Place beneath your hands, feet, or hips to help maintain balance and deepen your poses. Having your own yoga block contributes to your personal hygiene and sense of well being, because the only person using it will be you. Nontoxic, microbiostatic (microbe resistant) EVA foam material is closed-cell in construction so it won't absorb moisture, allowing for it to be cleaned easily with a mild soap solution. Become the best yogi you can be with a little help from a friend.

Yoga Mat Bag by Peak to Prairie

Have you tried leaving the house for your yoga class and realized you are carrying all of your yoga essentials in your hands. Bolsters, straps, a mat. Not to mention your keys, wallet, cell phone, etc. Then invest time in getting a yoga bag by Peak to Prairie that will get the job done and look great while doing it. This bag will help keep you keep all of your equipment in one place, and when you're using those products to become the best yogi you can be, store your water, extra towels and car keys in the spacious durable tote.

Yoga Capris by Spalding

Yoga capris by Spalding are designed to allow you to get the most from your routine and are a yoga essential in every wardrobe. Once you own a pair, you’ll wonder how you managed without them. The fabric moves with you throughout the day, making the capri a great choice for everyday wear, as well. The fabric also wicks moisture away from your skin, so you'll stay cool on hot days or during your most intense hot yoga session. And thanks to the fabrics breathable design, air will pass through the fabric to encourage peak performance. Engineered to make your backside your best side, you'll be feeling like a yoga goddess.

Yoga Toe Socks by Yogalo

Stay in whatever yoga pose you choose with gripping yoga socks by Yogalo. The targeted traction on these socks provides a non-slip surface, increasing your balance and stability. No mat? No problem. With these grippy yoga socks you’ll be able to practice whenever, wherever, definitely an essential. Keep an extra pair of yoga socks in your bag when you're going to the yoga studio and and feel your inner warrior come to life when you slip them on. As an added bonus, wearing yoga socks in a studio will help reduce exposure to foot fungus.

Tank Top by Epic MMA Gear

Whether you are doing hot yoga or perfecting your Sun Salutation, a tank top by Epic MMA Gear is an essential in every yogi's wardrobe. Tank tops don't restrict your arms like a t-shirt normally would, allowing you to be more fluid with your motions. Also, during any hot yoga session, you are bound to sweat. Having a loose fitting tank top will allow air to circulate better, making it as easy to do the camel pose as child's pose. This tank top has the added benefit of having an om design which adds that touch of peace to not only you, but those around you.

Yoga for Beginners by Sophia Cannon

Yoga For Beginners: An Easy Yoga Guide To Relieve Stress, Lose Weight, And Heal Your Body is the must read for anyone considering yoga. Through this book, you will learn to lose weight, relieve stress, and more with this beginner's yoga guide. You’re about to discover how to receive all the benefits of yoga, even if you have never tried it before. Thousands of people are noticing dramatic changes in their health, stress levels, weight, and overall well-being just by adding the practice of yoga to their lives. As much as you need all of these yoga essentials in your life, your life needs yoga, too.

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