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Best Vegan Blogs to Follow

Have the tips for a healthy lifestyle at your fingertips with the best vegan blogs to follow.

Join us on a journey to find the best vegan blogs to follow to truly live the life of a vegan. These blogs will teach everything you need to know about living an animal friendly vegan lifestyle.

When you're setting out on the path of veganism its best to start by looking at the best vegan blogs to follow on the web to learn how to stick to the lifestyle. The only snag to that idea is that there is an overwhelming number of vegan blogs online to sort through. It can be overwhelming trying to pick a handful of blogs to follow that will help you learn the ins and outs of being a vegan. That's why we have put together this list of the best vegan blogs to follow to help you get started on this exciting life change.

Happy Cow

The reason that Happy Cow is the number one on our list should be easy to see, this is more than a simple vegan blog. Happy Cow offers new and veteran vegans all they need to enjoy the vegan lifestyle to the fullest. They offer tools to help you search your local area for vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants and stores complete with reviews. It makes it a snap to find great places to eat and shop to stick with your vegan lifestyle. The site also offer a wide range of blog articles on everything vegan.

Follow Happy Cow

Almost Vegan

When you first start out on the road to veganism, and sometimes when you've been following it for years, it can be tough to stick with it. Many of us will get cravings for dairy, fish, or even meat and fall off the wagon for a short time. The blogger behind Almost Vegan can relate to that feeling, living in the Midwest she has fallen off the vegan wagon many times in the last 10 years. She offers guidance and support to those who are having a hard time sticking to the vegan lifestyle, even providing vegan friendly recipes that are easy to make.

Follow Almost Vegan


Vegans will probably recognize the name of this blog since it is among the largest vegan blogs on the web. Epicurious is easily among the top three most comprehensive vegan cooking guides on the web, showing vegans of all experience levels how to create amazing meals with easy to find ingredients. Unlike other vegan blogs on our list Epicurious has recipes that range from the quick and simple to the truly complex; including how to bake vegan friendly breads. It's difficult to find a vegan cooking blog that offers this many recipes, guides, and expert advice all in easy to understand terms.

Follow Epicurious

Vegan Cooking

Among the biggest hurdles people who are new to veganism have to overcome is how to make vegan friendly meals. Vegancooking.com takes away that headache with an immense list of easy to follow recipes. The sheer number of recipes on the site ensures that you will never run out of new recipes to try and can always have fun with your meals. What makes this blog even better is that all of the recipes are easy to follow, you can make these meals no matter your skill level. Those easy to make recipes is what makes Vegan Cooking one of the best vegan blogs to follow.

Follow Vegan Cooking

Veg Family

What many of the other sites on our list offer individually, Vegfamily.com offers in one big package. A completely vegan focused blog, it offers ideas for recipes, nutrition guides, and inspiration to help you stay true to the vegan lifestyle. What truly makes this blog stand out, earning it a spot on our list, is the guides that it offers for pregnant women and children. Showing users the best ways for younger vegans and expectant mothers to meet their nutritional needs. On top of all these amazing resources Veg Family also offers users the ability to talk with vegan experts to get all of their questions answered.

Follow Veg Family

Vegan Outreach

Founded in 1993 Vegan Outreach has been instrumental in promoting the vegan lifestyle in America. Commanding a massive army of volunteers who perform outreach work on college campuses and many other venues, handing out information material about veganism. Their blog demonstrates all of the benefits of living a vegan lifestyle especially how it fights back against animal cruelty. Their blog is a fantastic starting point for anyone who is considering making the switch to veganism. It walks readers through the steps of slowly switching over to eating vegan and continues on with alternatives they can use for dairy and other foods they were used to eating.

Follow Vegan Outreach

Vegan Yum Yum

One of the biggest benefits of turning to a vegan lifestyle is the fun that you can have in preparing your food. Rather than heating up a frozen TV dinner or grabbing fast food vegans have to put extra effort into their meals to get all of the nutrients they need. Veganyumyum.com helps you to make most of the fun of making your own meals with an incredible variety of challenging recipes to try. The recipes Vegan Yum Yum offers are not always for beginners, so to make up for that they offer guides with high quality pictures to walk users through the most difficult parts of their recipes.

Follow Vegan Yum Yum

Vegan Action

Veteran vegans and even those just starting down the path of the vegan lifestyle will likely recognize the name of this vegan blog. It is one of the best vegan blogs to follow on the web because they are at the forefront of promoting the vegan lifestyle. They are responsible for the certified vegan stamp that you can find on food in many different super markets to help people know that the food their buying has no animal products in it, nor was it tested on animals. Similar to the kosher stamp placed on meat, the certified vegan stamp is one of the greatest assets for vegans.

Follow Vegan Action


There are many different vegan blogs on the web that teach about the benefits of eating vegan and how to meet your nutritional needs but few look at the beauty or fun of veganism. Rawmazing takes that different approach using professional photography and special recipes to show readers how beautiful vegan food can be, as well as teaching them through their blog how they can make these gorgeous meals at home. In addition to the entertaining meal ideas this blog also offers up reviews of blenders, dehydrators, and numerous other tools that aspiring vegans need to truly follow the lifestyle. It only takes a quick look at Rawmazing to understand why it is one of best vegan blogs to follow.

Follow Rawmazing

Oh She Glows

A blog run by New York Times Best Selling author Angela Liddon, Oh She Glows ranks among the best vegan and gluten free blogs on the web. In her award winning blog Liddon walks readers through the vegan recipes that she has created over the years, consistently putting out new ideas all the time. These recipes even include ideas of how to craft vegan and gluten free meals that can be made quickly, then frozen for those users who don't have time to make a special meal every day for themselves. Liddon has even gone so far as to create a special app for her recipes that takes users through each one step-by-step so they can be sure their meals come out perfect.

Follow Oh She Glows

Whether you are new to being a vegan or have been eating vegan friendly for years, each of these blogs have plenty to offer, from recipes to nutritional guides, which is what makes them the best vegan blogs to follow. No vegan should pass on having a look at many of the blogs on our list because of the wealth of information they offer that can help to keep them healthy as well as making the most of their meals. Blogs such as Veganoutreach.com can also prove to be an amazing learning experience as well, teaching users about the harm that comes to animals that are raised for food. All together it is impossible to underestimate the usefulness of the information that these blogs can provide. That's why they have made our list of the best vegan blogs to follow.

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Best Vegan Blogs to Follow
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