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Best Meditation Apps for Relaxation

Plug in and destress with the best meditation apps for relaxation.

Health lovers rejoice––the ultimate list of best meditation apps for relaxation are here for all of your needs and worries. Thanks to the mobile apps market explosion, in part from Super Monkey Ball to Prosper Daily, accessibility to new health related content is within the instantaneous touch of your smartphone. 

What was once a simple platform for entertainment has become an integral part of our lives where we can manage finances, learn languages, and connect with people from all over the globe. It’s no surprise that developers have also created apps to help us unwind from the world. Next time you swipe to your home screen, make sure you check out one of these best meditation apps for relaxation that are helping users find peace within themselves and the crazy world around them.

Insight Timer

Ever wonder if you could find a sense of community while still meditating within the comforts of your own home? Now you don’t have to! Insight Timer has become a social meditation app for the people.

Brad from Annapolis is meditating to Ease into Sleep. What is that little dot in the middle of Russia meditating to? Scroll the live feed of who’s meditating to what and click in to what tickles your heart. Check out Cassandra Carlopio’s guided meditations and see what other users are saying! Send friend requests, see which guided meditations are trending and link up with like-minded individuals in the groups tab. Speak your mind while calming it at the same time.


Does the idea of a sunny day on the lake surrounded by birds and mountains put a warm, fuzzy smile on your face? Tap into Calm, the first meditation app on our list, and experience the feeling first hand as you close your eyes and open your mind. As instructed on Calm’s home screen, you begin with creating a simple profile and listing your top three goals for using the app. Choosing the voice of male or female, this user friendly platform offers unlockable programs to aid you in your journey. An in-app calendar tracks your daily meditation and allows you to set reminders for those busier days when meditation may feel like less of a priority.

Not a fan of guided meditation? No worries. Calm offers simple background sounds you can sit quietly with as you sink into your own world of meditation. Begin by listening to the peaceful notes of raindrops or the soothing sound of beach waves; with a simple swipe right, you are able to discover an assortment of additional meditative sounds. This has become the number one app in the eyes of my mother and myself since we started sitting for daily practice.


Need a gentle nudge into the world of meditation? Download Headspace for an informative introduction on how to gain mental clarity in your life. Let Andy Puddicombe, respected TED speaker, guide you through your first steps of developing a daily practice. Follow the serenity of Andy’s voice as you practice deep breathing techniques and create awareness within yourself. After completing the first ten practices, explore the series tab where you learn to overcome obstacles in health, relationships, performance and more.

If you want to try something less goal-oriented, this app offers single guided meditations for daily routine tasks as well. Regardless of your intent, Andy and the creators of Headspace will offer you the building blocks of meditation and release you into the world with newfound head space allowing you to tackle any issue that may arise.

Stop, Breathe & Think

As the winner of the 2015 Webby People’s Voice Award for Health & Fitness, the Stop, Breathe & Think meditation app is tailored to the user’s emotions at each login. The welcome screen is colorful and simple as you are prompted to “Begin” your daily check-in. This check-in includes your mental, physical and emotional state that then generates a list of in-house guided meditations tailored to your needs. If you need a few moments to sit in silence, set your self-timer and your phone will alert you once time is up.

Tap the “My Progress” tab to get an analysis of your weekly emotions and total time spent meditating. To add an element of fun to the inherent benefits of meditating, Stop, Breathe & Think also allows you to earn fun stickers for your meditative progress! Best of all, this app is non-profit! Remain at peace knowing your money is going to the Tools For Peace (TFP) organization to promote positive and concrete skill development.

Relax Melodies

Do you need a mediation app for relaxation with the flexibility to pick and choose which sounds you want to hear as you ascend on your journey to peace? Download Relax Melodies to incorporate isochronic tones and binaural beats into your practice, allowing you to tailor your focus to relaxation, concentration or deep meditation. This app provides the user with over twenty pages of sounds that can sync together in harmonious tones so you can act as the DJ of your meditation practice! Each sound hangs from a tile set of three, allowing you to mix and match tones. For example, pair the flute with the ocean waves and underlying concentration beats to help focus on your practice.

This app offers simple guided meditations with the option of subscribing for additional pages of specific guides ranging from “Siesta for Success” to “Third Eye Opening.” Leave this app running in the background to allow peaceful beats to flow, even while you are browsing social media or checking e-mails.


With a play on the modern day pharmaceutical business, Digipill reminds you to always check the dosage and read the label before taking your digital pill to relaxation. I found this app to be quirky and creative in relation to other meditation and relaxation apps on the market. You are given your first relaxation pill of T-Break, where a deep melodious background and soft older male voice guide you into the quieter places of your mind. This app is self-proclaimed to be the best self-help application around––and I agree! After my first dosage of relaxation, I immediately tapped into the “Pill Store” where I was presented with over 20 different prescriptions for depression

Deep Relax

According to new research studies, bird songs are the ultimate white noise barrier and promoter of tranquility. Unlike other apps, Deep Relax doesn’t allow the random prehistoric bird to swing through and disrupt the peace. These peaceful, consistent loops are reviewed and used by medical clinics in trials related to well-being. This means it must be good for us too! If birds aren’t your thing, relax and ease into the moving sounds of the ocean and chimes, or a cozy crackling campfire. Before you drift off into the serene background tones you created with the simple tap of a finger, make sure to set a countdown timer to help you return to your surroundings with a clearer mind.


If you’re like myself and don’t have a Facebook, Omvana let's you skip the sign up and go straight to the homepage where you are greeted with a grid of guided practices including “The Vision Meditation” and “Deep Rest.” Swipe right to mix and match the preset ambient tones with harmonious vocal meditation and adjust volume to whichever you would like to listen to more intimately. I enjoyed the mix of deep night with the voice of Gabrielle Bernstein. The two cohesive passages created space to become more present, even as I was walking to the office in the morning.

Omvana allows users to explore endless tracks for meditation, focus, relaxation, and sleep. Check out the library, set up the App Store, and browse the top free tracks to download (and even a few that you just want to discover). Unfortunately, there are no previews, but rest assured these tracks are carefully selected to tailor your needs.

Daily Yoga

If you are looking to include some exercise alongside your meditation practice (the two go hand in hand!), look no further than Daily Yoga. Bend and twist your way through the app with sessions like “Office Yoga to Keep Fit” and “Core Strengthening Yoga”. Combining movement and meditation cultivates both a healthy body and a healthy mind, helping you to feel centered and prepared for anything the day throws at you.

Explore the community feed to discover what new asanas are trending and who’s yogi birthday is coming up! Upon signing up for Daily Yoga, tap “relieve stress” at prompt and explore the “Breath of Life” program where you can learn techniques like square breathing, sun and moon breathing, alternating nostrils and spinal breathing. Download some free Yoga Music and share with friends & followers on your new found peace pagoda that lives right in the palm of your hand.

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